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  1. by   Patchouli
    Quote from coogabooga
    omg people. please read this post before commenting!! the article says that nursing is 1 of 10 "hardest jobs to fill" meaning that they aren't full and they need more nurses. this article is stating a shortage of educators and graduates. there will always be a high demand for nurses in our lifetime- unless they find some crazy machine to replace us...

    like i said, it's right there in your post. graduates. either way, your comment didn't make sense when you read the other posts before it.
  2. by   HM2VikingRN
    Quote from treetop2
    The ruling bosses are gearing up to force marxist socialized medicine through and they have to make healthcare in the USA look as dysfunctional as possible and to excuse lowering standards to allow immigrants and "national service" slaves to be used as cheap/free labor. I have noticed nursing job ads are way down in our paper as well.
    This is more than slightly off kilter.....
  3. by   JomoNurse
    Not sure if anyone already mentioned this, but from what I see around here (southern californa), the types of nurses that can't find a job are the new grads. I'm so thankful I graduated when I did and got a job! Nurses that have about 1 years experience can basically get a job at any hospital (here in socal, anyway) they choose. One local hospital here has 26 openings for RNs. I guess hospitals don't really have the money to spend on training a new grad, so it's the experienced RNs that they want.

    Here is something from that article: "While teachers, nurses, engineers and machinists are in short supply in one area, it might be tough to find a job in those professions elsewhere. "
  4. by   island40
    I want to go back to school and get my FNP certification (post MSN) but worry that the expense will not be reimbursed by higher wages. I have an MSN in nursing ed and could easily get a job Nebraska (not offense but it is cold there!) and for $40K a year. No thank you! I will keep my staff position and keep thinking about the FNP and my own shingle (ie private practice).
  5. by   NurseDiane
    LOL---You should have known that NP's don't get paid crapola before you go back to school!!! I went and got my CRNA degree----I was smart!! If you want to go get the education where you get paid what you're worth, take care of one patient at a time, do critical care every day, and actually get the respect that you're supposed to, go back for anesthesia. 3 years is too long to waste to take a pay cut. It makes me sick that P.A.'s make more than N.P.'s, with only 2 years of medical training (their undergrad in biology is good enough). For some reason, nurses have ALWAYS been drawing the short straw----and it seems the higher the degree, the sharper the pay cut!!
  6. by   jazzymom
    I have been a nurse for 14 years. It IS harder to get a job, but I am holding 3 right now (obviously not full time, but I have 50-60 hours a week). I also was dismayed to find fewer jobs in the newspaper until I looked online. It cost money to put ads in the newspaper and the readership is declining so much, that the internet seems a better bet. Try there; you can look at the ads from the newspapers online as well as things such as craigslist, monster, etc. There are a lot more jobs out there than it seems. Hospice and home health are definitely areas that have a HUGE need.
  7. by   Patchouli
    yeah, it helps if you have experience. not to mention where you live.
  8. by   Patchouli
    Neither home care nor hospice will hire new grads here.
  9. by   editor2rn
    Quote from cindy13065
    In my area we had approximately 300 nursing graduates and 60 available positions. Thankfully I was on of the lucky ones.
    Sounds like the Austin, Texas, area. Quite depressing.
  10. by   Mr. Kacer
    The I question that I have been asking myself now for some time now is, why would there be so much hype over a so called shortage of nurses by both hospitals and the junior colleges if.....THERE ISN'T A SHORTAGE! What is gained by the community colleges, medical industry, and media to make such claims? I question even this form, could so many students, and well seasoned nurses be lying, after all I don't know any of you personally, Ive never met you. I hardly trust anything on the web anymore. As far as I know everyone that says that they don't have a job has one and is trying to discourage others for fear of the nursing profession becoming saturated with new nurses. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? How can a student make an informed decision, to be a nurse, or not to be.
  11. by   Patchouli
    yeah, all the nurses are lying on here. all of us new grads are as well. it's a big conspiracy.
  12. by   nurse901
    I read this article and was so irritated. Well if nursing is one of the hardest jobs to fill in America than how come I can't get a job and there are many nurses being laid off.
  13. by   jaflosa
    I am sorry. It has to be location. The ads on Careerbuilders and our locate paper are begging for new graduates. I was hired for a new position last week and could not get my physical for a month because of the 30 new hires that were coming on board and I was informed by my recruiter that they did not get as many new grads as they had hoped. This was one hospital and there are hundreds of other local healthcare facilities in the area.