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  1. by   twow
    Quote from ivanh3
    It is therefore reasonable to anticipate that there may come a day when one her patients might not receive optimal care because of their race.
    Right on. Or their religious beliefs or their beliefs about animal rights or whatever demographic Yoder harbors a deep-seated ill will towards. It would be more than embarrassing for a program to knowingly unleash a monster like Yoder unto the public, it would be irresponsible.
  2. by   HM2VikingRN
    Quote from drake'smom
    On the same type of note, a few people have been fired recently from where I work because they were trash talking the hospital by name on myspace.....some people just need to think before they type..
    Don't violate life's simple rules:

    Don't bite the hand that feeds you...

    Don't defecate in your own mess kit....
  3. by   rjflyn
    My only hope is someone in that state has the sense to contact the BON to make a complaint. As such they could potentially keep a person such as this from ever obtaining a license.

  4. by   rnstudent36
    I have two questions

    1. How many of us that have read this blog would allow this person to provide care to a love one or yourself?
    2. How would you feel if this was a blog about your hospital experience and your baby was called a creep?

    After reading this thread I realized why some patients are reluctant to allow nursing students to participate in their care during clinicals. To me this person had total disregard for the patient and her confidentiality. She needs to realize that nursing is a profession in which the public holds to the highest standards on and off the clock and we are the most trusted of the medical profession. I am glad the school held her accountable for her actions. Who is to say that if she becomes a nurse that she won't disclose any confidential information about a difficult patient or a patient she thinks is not worthy of excellent nursing care.
  5. by   WorkinTheStreets
    What I think people miss is the 1st Amendment protects freedom of speech, but you are still liable for less then truthful or defamatory speech. Slander if it is verbal or libel if it is in written form. You can say what you want, but you must also be willing to pay a price for doing so.

    Also, employers do review places like facebook, myspace and others to see what they can find on the person they may be hiring. No matter how qualified you are, if your online content is questionable or if someone else has a not so flattering photo of you on their site, it may cost you the position. This also holds true if you are being promoted to a management position. If they feel your values are not in line with the organization, you may be denied.

    When you become part of a larger organization (School, social organization, workplace) you do have to give up a few things, like spouting off, to remain part of that organization. I guess it would be the same as if I were a member of peta and gave lessons on hunting and trapping. While I'm free to do/say what I want, I'm sure the peta folks wouldn't keep me around long after finding this out. And no, I am not a member of peta anyway.
  6. by   twow
    Quote from rjflyn
    My only hope is someone in that state has the sense to contact the BON to make a complaint. As such they could potentially keep a person such as this from ever obtaining a license.


    Also, someone should contact the hospitals in which UofL does clinicals and let them know what UofL nursing students are doing and saying about the patients they are entrusted with.
  7. by   BBFRN
    UofL students do clinicals at UofL hospital. Trust me- they're aware.

  8. by   medicrn16
    Just browsing and got caught up in this What a story. I guess I missed the whole HIPPA thing. I didn't see anything that was identifiable...but enough people on here seem to think it was, so I'll give that one up. Don't have the desire to research it myself.

    About her being racist? Who the heck cares. I don't. You think that all racist people live in a cave somewhere and only come out at night to devour the ones they hate? We work with them everyday. They are smart enough to keep their opinions to themselves or hang around 'birds of a feather'. I've worked with them. Seen them give excellent care to those people they don't care for. You think people of all religions loves everyone else's religion? For crying out loud. Everybody has to love everyone, everything, every whatever or we're in trouble? Let's just stand around in circle, hold hands, and sing kumbayah...really.

    Several years ago our Commander in Chief, the highest possible position to be held in this great country had sex with his intern, lied to the public and everyone else who 'mattered', and the people of this once great country still throw palm fronds at his feet and scream like little school girls did over the ever-popular Beatles.

    Point is, we all have beliefs that others will disagree with. Some may be very strong beliefs. Does that make them a bad person, bad cop, bad RN, bad President? Okay, forget about the President part...

    Calling someone 'dangerous' etc. over blogs is ridiculous. Did she say she was going to go out and murder all the black people she could find? No. Do you know how many black people don't like WHITE people? Plenty! You don't see any press stopping over THAT issue.

    HIPPA violation is an absolute no brainer. She's burned herself if, in fact, this woman she talked about IS identifiable. Everything else? I don't think the school has grounds.
  9. by   MoLee228
    Sure, we have the right to freedom of speech, but we also have to take responsibility for ourselves and accept the repercussions based on what we say. If you wouldn't walk around the halls of the hospital saying these things, then don't say them online, either. I have a hard time believing that a nurse wouldn't get fired for saying extremely disrespectful and racist comments while working at the hospital. So, saying these things publicly should have repercussions. As a student, Yoder is representing her school, and based on her hateful statements she is not the type of student they want representing them. Come on, would you want her as YOUR nurse? I think not.
  10. by   ANnot4me
    I haven't read all of the posts yet, but her site is still up. It occured to me that she must have a lawyer and if this is a HIPPA violation, I would hope s/he would have advised her to take it down. Maybe some of it is ficticious and creative? Then there is no legal violation.

    Perhaps she has violated HIPPA and maybe been a little stupid, but she is not a hypocrite like so many nurses I know. I have not liked many of my patients for so many reasons. I have even felt they were a waste of my time and the space they filled. I have heard countless nurses say really hateful things to blow off steam. Many of my patients have not like me and refused my care based on my sex and once a man suspected I was gay and did not want me as a nurse. I know really Chrisitian nurses who probably believed many of their patients to be sinners and damned to eternal hell-fire, but they were not bad nurses.

    Let's not be all hypcritical and up ourselves by pretending nursing is anything more than a bunch of human beings doing a job for which they are paid. We cross the spectrum of humanity: we are alcoholic, atheist,Christian,drug addicted, fat, gay,genious, healthy, racist, stupid and everything in between.
  11. by   libnat
    There is also a different standard for a private employer in an at will state vs. a public university.
  12. by   Meredith09
    wow, her post is... well let's just say horrid doesn't cover it. In the words of Will Smith, she clearly was "stung as a child".
  13. by   TERESAKIM77
    wow...the new concerns that arise with the changes in communication...