Nursing Shortage Eases....for now

  1. This article claims that there have been over 110k new nurses enter the workforce in the past 3 years, and vacancy rates are falling in some areas.

    Please share your thoughts on the shortage - or influx - of RN's in your state.

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  3. by   BettyBoop66
    The shortage has not been eased in the area in which I live and niether has the amount of teachers for wanna be nurses, and those who are Lpn's wishing to advance to Rn's can't get into the progam because they are only acceptting 15-19 each year and that is a 20 + mile drive if you are lucky enough to be chosen. Then on top of that they discriminate against those who do not have the highest grades, even if they have 20 years of experience verses a kid right out of high school.
  4. by   Gromit
    I agree. I don't know where they claim the shortage has eased or disappeared, but its not around HERE. Even with most of the local community colleges and universities churning out RNs and LPNs, I am not aware of any hospital in the area that is truly fully staffed -and am quite aware of a couple that rely heavily on travel-nurses for staffing (which means that there aren't enough 'locals' to fill the positions, since there is no circumstance in which the traveler is less expensive than a local).
    As it stands, our shortage is such that our floor offers doubletime for those who will work overtime.
    Not exactly an indication of having enough nurses, is it?
  5. by   Faeriewand
    I don't see the news article that says the nursing shortage is easing for now. ???? where is it please? I would like to read it before I make any comments. Thanks
  6. by   Sheri257
    If you're referring to this article ...

    Nursing Shortage Eases for Now: A Newsmaker Interview With Peter Buerhaus

    I think this guy is saying that the shortage is easing only a little bit. Even though there's been an influx of new labor ... there's still many vacancies.

  7. by   Gromit
    True. And there are nurses who are tired, burned out, or just fed-up who are leaving the field all the time. And lets not forget the so-called 'boomer' generation that is getting ready to retire (and you know that means many of 'em will be hospital patients as they age ungracefully