Nursing Professor Recognized

  1. Even after publishing over 100 articles and researching childbirth in nearly 10 different countries, student success is still professor Lynn Callister's true passion.

    "We are so blessed in the College of Nursing to have very, very motivated students," Callister said. "To see their profit and personal growth is very rewarding." .

    The National League for Nursing recognized this BYU professor's dedication to education at the beginning of the month with the Excellence in Teaching Award.

    The league award is the fourth official recognition Callister has received this year.

    This honor is awarded to one member of the NLN at the organization's annual Education Summit. Contributions to teaching, scholarly expertise and support of students' self-direction are a few of the criteria to be a recipient.

    Callister focuses her research on cultural perceptions of childbirth. "Nurses take care of women from all over the world," Callister said. "They can give better care... the more they know about different cultures."

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