Nursing Jobs in High Demand in the Bay Area!!! (Outiside the Hospital)

  1. "Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics is starting to reflect this same trend, and for the first time since 2004, hospitals have posted a net loss of jobs. However, there's no need to panic: the loss added up to 700 fewer workers across all hospital jobs. This is a small number compared to the 4.71 million total people employed by hospitals across the country. Also, it is important to note that there are 110,800 more hospital jobs now compared to one year ago. Thus, this sector of health care is still adding positions, just not at quite as fast a rate as before."

    This article points out there that nursing jobs are still on the long as you don't want to work in a hospital....they tried to get it right, but they really didn't.....
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  3. by   Lis71683
    Attention Nurses. I have in the Augusta, Georgia area and there are as many jobs as say a year ago.. But there is still plenty including sign on bonuses for Spinal cord and traumatic brain injury.
  4. by   touchhealth
    Wow, I posted that really quick this morning before my class (and physio exam!!)...just noticed all the spelling errors! Sheesh!!

    Anyways, I know that all the new grads in the Bay Area are stuggling to find jobs. My friend was one of 2 positions hired with 200 applications at a local hospital. It's crazy...then the San Francisco Chronicle prints this article. It doesn't seem to have any sense of reality.

    Why don't journalists actually report like in the good ol' days where you interview an actual person, rather than relying on random statistics and outdated reports about future job growth?

    I'm sure plenty of the new grads, and current nurses in the Bay Area would have lots to share!!!
  5. by   Valerie Salva
    There is an email link to the person who wrote the article- Amy Dobson. Why not email her and let her know she's mistaken?
  6. by   nminodob
    I used the email link to respond (I am a Bay Area resident so this article was of great interest to me). Here is what I wrote:

    You need to check your facts - CPMC has shelved all new grad programs for 2009, UC has also - St. Mary's has not hired a new grad since last October. (All of this info can be verified simply by contacting the various nurse recruiters for the respective hospitals.) For people graduating in December 08, that means they will wait over a year to work in those facilities - What many people (even experienced nurses) don't get is that there are almost NO JOBS for new grads in the Bay Area - I was one of the lucky ones to get a job, mainly because I have long worked and volunteered at a facility that opened up for 4-5 nurses to get hired - half my graduating class in December are still unemployed, and some of the June 08 grads are also! Soon we will have a large influx of June 09 grads also competing in the applicant pool. Areas of nursing like Home Health and Travel Nursing are out of reach to new grads, as they (quite rightly) require a minimum of 1 year experience. And the situation is even more difficult for Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs), who are being phased out of most hospitals - for instance, San Francisco General Hospital has moved all LVNs from the bedside and they are no longer allowed to work in direct patient care in the hospital.
    Your article mentions that new jobs are being added outside the hospital setting, but neglects to mention that these non-hospital jobs still; demand a minimum of one year "acute care" experience - experience that is only gotten within the hospital.

    Mike Hill
  7. by   island40
    One more newspaper bowing to political pressure. How biased is the rest of the paper and reporters?? The media (print, TV and radio) in the U.S. is being controlled by politicians- welcome to "change." Thank God we still have the Internet for an honest exchange of ideas.
  8. by   Brian
    These reporters need to read for the real scoop from real nurses and students
  9. by   touchhealth
    Thanks for sending that letter to the reporter! I think it definately got the point across.
  10. by   yurnurse
    I am getting tired of all of these published articles that like to focus on the great need for nurses and the numerous job opportunities out there. Yes like everyone else has mentioned, there are jobs out there but they are all requiring experience. I have been an LPN for 7 yrs, worked in hospitals, school nursing, homecare, Ltc etc., you name it and I have done it. But since I have only been an RN for 4 months I am considered a new grad and guess what, I cant find a dang job. I am very frustrated being that my desire is to work in O.R. and that was my reason for going back to school. I have interviewed with 2 hospitals here and always they find someone who is better qualified...***! So to all of the journalists who continue to broach the subject of nursing jobs, can you please find one for me!!!! Thanks for allowing me to vent everyone grrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:angryfire
  11. by   lyela
    WHO benefits by this myth of a shortage? Follow the money- Academia seems to want to fill seat in the classroom for jobs that aren't there. Yet all these PhDs in nursing school are strangely unaware of the situation.bugeyes:

    They all know how their bread is buttered and where the bread comes from.........
  12. by   muffin7
    I thought that the SF Chronicle was no more?!
  13. by   AtomicWoman
    Quote from brian
    These reporters need to read for the real scoop from real nurses and students
    Brian, I directed a reporter from our local big-city newspaper to this site. I hope she follows up.
  14. by   nminodob
    Muffin7 wrote: I thought that the SF Chronicle was no more?!
    It's still around...for now
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