Nursing Instructors Shot Dead by Failing Student - page 3

<<Associated Press report TUCSON, Ariz. (Oct. 28) - A student flunking out of the University of Arizona nursing school shot three of his professors to death Monday, then killed himself as dozens... Read More

  1. by   dishes
    I am not sure that a series of personality tests would accurately screen students before admission to nursing school, but there are fitness to practice committees who can assess nursing students exhibiting problem behaviour during the nursing program Fitness to practise for student nurses: principles, standards and procedures | Practice | Nursing Times
  2. by   elkpark
    I must say I'm shocked at how many posters here seem to be justifying these violent murders, because ... what? Nursing school is tough? Some instructors aren't as nice and friendly and enabling as you'd like them to be? When thinks don't work out the way you wanted, shooting the people you hold responsible is a reasonable, understandable response? Give me a break. No wonder the rest of the civilized world considers us a bunch of bloodthirsty yahoos.