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  1. nursing home patient wrote deathbed note
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    as oxygen ebbed from her tank at a big rapids nursing home, 64-year-old dorothy johnson wrote a note saying she knew she was going to die.

    "god bless. you finally found a way to kill me with this oxygen part. congratulations," she wrote just before her 2005 death at the metron of big rapids nursing home.

    "that's alright. now i can go home to my (mansion) that jesus had prepared for me and in better care also."

    assistant attorney general scott teter made public the note in mecosta county district court wednesday. the state wants five former metron employees to stand trial in the death of a second patient the same day. they allege that sarah comer, 50, of big rapids, also died because her oxygen tank ran empty.

    the preliminary hearing continues today in mecosta county district court with testimony from respiratory therapists about the oxygen tanks.

    investigators say comer died at the home about 20 minutes before johnson on jan. 16, 2005.

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  3. by   Gromit
    Just this much of the story made me sick to my stomach. I'm not sure I even WANT to know more about this story!
  4. by   mandirocker
    I Believe I agree with Gromit! i am not sure i want to read anymore either, but i hope those who are responsible are held accountable.
  5. by   donormom
    I believe this could happen. My mom was in a SNF facility for rehab after hip replacement surgery. She also has significant COPD. Multiple times in the few weeks that she was there we had problems with her having enough oxygen when she left her room. It was a constant worry that she would always have enough oxygen.

    This is a very good reputable facility. I know that there are very good nurses and other staff members there, but she uses a higher flow than they are used to having and they were not really prepared for her needs.

    Hopefully this will draw attention to the importance of oxygen when patients are dependent.

  6. by   Gromit
    anyone who is NOT aware of the importance of oxygen to those dependent certainly doesn't need to be in this industry at ANY level.