Nursing Home/LTC Owners Seek Guest Workers As Part Of Immigration Reform

  1. The nursing-home industry said Wednesday that Congress should include a "viable" guest worker program in any immigration overhaul, and should also lift caps on employer-sponsored visas for healthcare workers.

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  3. by   netglow
    Wow. What about all the ready to work licensed U.S RNs that those nursing homes refuse to hire. Literally thousands...

    Things are going to get far worse for grandma and grandpa, mom and dad, as well as those RNs currently struggling with horrific conditions in the LTC world.
  4. by   DavidKarl
    This is sick. I know 5 nurses in AZ that cannot find ANY job, yet in that state they continue to import Phillipino RNs, by the HUNDREDS. This is the final assault on American nurses in general, as wages have dropped by half since the 1980's. No different than the outsourcing of millions of manufacturing jobs overseas- except that nurses CAN'T be their pay is being INSOURCED.