Nursing A Shortage: a series of reports from WBUR

  1. A Boston public radio station program is offered here:
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  3. by   oramar
    What a great series of reports. The finally one features a experienced critical care nurse. What a great discription of what nurses do. What a repudiation of the nurse as pillow fluffing waitress/maid, the doctors handmaiden. The name of the finally episode is "Why I stay". However, it reads to me like a nurse that has about had it.
  4. by   Reddy,RN
    Yes, oramar, the text at the website is very informative. You can listen (with RealPlayer) any time you want to the 47:28 minute long program. Many different nurses, administrators and educators from PA, CT and MA talk about different approaches and ideas on the nursing shortage. I finally was able to listen to all of it just now and it is fascinating. The author Suzanne Gordon is heard a few times but there are many different voices in this report.
  5. by   Nemhain
    I just listened to it... very good!