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  1. by   RNsRWe
    Quote from zsuzan
    I was on an airplane once and had an educated couple say to me in surprise, "You have to go to school? You don't just learn on the job?" I was and still am in shock over their lack of awareness. Has anyone else had a similar experience?
    Unfortunately, yes. While I was a student I had a pt's wife say to me, "You're in COLLEGE for nursing? Don't they have a class here at the hospital you can take?" A CLASS??

    She couldn't get over the idea that I was in an Associate's Degree program that was taking me and my classmates an average of 3 or so years to complete. She was probably thinking of the hospital diploma programs of the past and confusing it with typical misconceptions about "nurses in training".

    She couldn't believe we needed COLLEGE for "just" being a nurse. :angryfire
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    It's also an occasional occurence that a pt will identify the care techs as "nurses in training". Uh...yeah, that's it. In fact, we're going to let them hang some blood on the next person who needs a transfusion.