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  1. by   ChocoholicRN
    Quote from RNsRWe
    You know, I was trying to decide whether to keep sitting on my hands or type my reaction to Logo's post, since it took what I said and twisted it 180 degrees, completely and totally missing the point entirely.

    Thanks for coming back with what I probably should have.

    sorry to bust anyone's bubble cause people seemed to really be catching on the the above comment, but how bout we get back to the original topic of this post? IMO, i love grey's anatomy cause of the drama, but as i was telling my bf the other day, you never ever see nurses on that show. as someone else said, the only time you've seen a nurse is when she was annoying the rest of the doctors and residents. and since when do doctors escort their patients to procedures, draw labs, give enemas, and all the other stuff thats been mentioned? drives me nuts!
  2. by   kate1114
    How about the other day when I told a patient I was going to d/c his foley, and he asked why the doctor wasn't going to do it. Told him the doctors never do it, it's within a nurse's practice, and I did it all the time, no problem. He was still skeptical, after all, he was sure a doctor had put it IN for him. Ummm....that was another RN, who happened to be wearing a white lab jacket at the time (I remember it). I told him this, but he was still skeptical. So I told him I could go put on MY white lab coat, if it made him more comfortable, but I was just as good without it. He was insistent that I needed a "special tool" that the doctor had, so I presented him with the 20cc syringe...ROFL...."YES, that's the one he ("HE"??) used!!".

    I remember one time when I was working in NICU, helping teach a mom to feed her baby. I was showing her to burp the baby apparently a little bit differently than she had been shown previously. She told me that's not the way the doctor told her how to do it. Now our docs at that hospital wouldn't have EVEN attempted to help with a feed, so I was a little confused, until she pointed to one of my coworkers (male) and said that's the doctor who helped me. I could not convince her that he was a nurse. After all, he was a man . It didn't help that that particular nurse had a bit of an attitude and really got off on the idea of being called a doctor (not that he pretended to be one - it just increased his already large ego )
  3. by   Logos
    The original poster clearly implied that those who are poor or on welfare may receive sub par treatment.
    & I had to laugh at the comment about essentially helpless people. Since when does having children make you "essentially helpless"? I think there may be a few mom's out there who disagree & To compare my two sentence post to kicking a cripple. Now that was truly twisted.
    & The ..there but for the Grace of God.. Interetsing, isn't there also one of those little saying's, .. How does it go? "The Lord help's those who help themselves.."
    I don't paint anybody with any kind of brush, & I certainly knew my comments would rile someone up, but the poster who replied with the welfare mom comment in the first place. Oh please-- of course a physican is going to take more of an interest in his wife's case than in a strangers case, regardless of income or reproductive status.
  4. by   UM Review RN
    Logos, I responded to your post quoted here:

    Originally Posted by Logos
    Hmmm.....I wonder why the heck you would have six kids if you can't afford them? I love kids- but I can only afford three so I stopped having them./Sarcasm
    You yourself wrote in that post that you were being sarcastic, which I took to mean that your comment was a put-down to Welfare mothers of large families. The lack of financial resources makes anyone, in today's society, "essentially helpless" as well as "financially crippled."

    If you did not intend your comment to be as rude and sarcastic as it seemed, because we all understand that words in print don't always translate meaning well, then I sincerely apologise.

    If you were trying to say that all Welfare mothers of large families had a choice about getting into the situation of having a large family and having to go on Welfare to support them, that is the exception rather than the rule.

    No one plans on losing their income. Devastation can hit a family in many ways, and it can certainly happen to any one of us.

    So there but for the grace of God go I, or you, or anyone.

    I hope I've explained my response adequately and I assure you that I am not in the least being sarcastic, only being honest with you. I know that there are Welfare mothers out there sitting in some library or at a friend's house at this very moment reading this thread, desiring to better themselves. Would one sarcastic comment be enough to dishearten someone from trying to better her situation? Would one encouraging comment be enough to help someone push on to better her situation?

    I'd rather err on the side of encouragement, thank you.

    OP, once again, my apologies.

    (This is my last post on this thread, I promise.)
  5. by   GardenDove
    Some people think anyone who has 6 kids is an irresponsible overpopulater. You're entitled to think that as long as you give equal care to everyone.

    Sincerely, the mother of 6 kids, not all of them planned.
  6. by   SummerGarden
    Quote from Logos
    Hmmm.....I wonder why the heck you would have six kids if you can't afford them? I love kids- but I can only afford three so I stopped having them./Sarcasm
    Some people on welfare ended up there after the six kids and after a point when they could no longer afford them! Bad things happen to good people all the time! You have no clue why someone would end up on welfare./NO sarcasm; actual criticism!

    OP: Regrading your article, I hope more Registered Nurses stand up and are heard in the media. Maybe someday there will be an American show that portrays nurses for who they really are and not the stereotype. I know several wannabe doctors that want to do the things they watch doctors do on TV. They have NO IDEA that those tasks and duties and responsibilities are performed by Registered Nurses and NOT physicians.

    I LOVED "China Beach" BTW! As I recall, it was a very popular show so there is a market for smart nurses in Hollywood! Maybe someone in Hollywood will get a clue sooner rather then later? :spin:
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  7. by   GardenDove
    People end up on welfare to survive. It's a human instinct.
  8. by   stellina1122
    Quote from SmilingBluEyes
    get real? On TV? Yea sure.
    I just have to comment on the football....

    GO BEARS!!!! You are awesome and Chicago is SO proud! I can't wait for Superbowl Sunday. (even though I am working):spin:
  9. by   SmilingBluEyes
    go bears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ok back to topic lol.
  10. by   fusster
    Back to the topic, one of my personal favorites is how virtually all of the procedures performed on House are done by the main characters. The idea of doctors who are not surgeons performing brain surgery is crazy. Not to mention four doctors who only care for one patient at a time (then again, I guess they have to because there are no nurses helping them out).
  11. by   MissPiggy
    Not to mention four doctors who only care for one patient at a time (then again, I guess they have to because there are no nurses helping them out).[/QUOTE]

    Heh heh! Interesting that it takes FOUR of them to take care of ONE pt.; we have to take care of a h*ll of a lot more than one at a time. Says a lot for competence, doesn't it?
  12. by   lamazeteacher
    Do you think anyone would watch a TV show without sexual activity? How about one that presented QI meetings as they are done today? ZZZZZZ
    It would be great to have self informed patients show up one night, who aren't adolescent geniuses. Or a role model patient telling the doctor what he/she needs, according to their web search of their illness, and after describing a believable history and past treatments' effects. In a perfect world, we'd be bored to tears!
  13. by   Tiwi
    We have a drama over here called "All Saints", which has nurses, and doctors in an ER dept. Amazing, I've never seen a hospital bombed so much and still survive! The roles are a bit more realistic, but still, I can't watch it, because like most shows, it is so over the top.

    But I have seen many of the soapies where someone is on their last legs, looking absolutely beautiful with their hair arranged carefully on a pillow, nice clear complexion, no perspiration, no breathlessness, with nothing but nasal prongs in situ being able to talk in ICU. Don't you just love it! And the nurses are only there to answer the buzzers. Lots of fancy machinery, you know, "the one's that go 'ping' " for the Monty Python fans out there...

    The doctors in our hospital do cannulate, and take blood. I actually had one give me a bedpan against much protest after I had been in an accident! I was sooo embarrassed! Of course that isn't the norm, and I hope I never have that happen again! Maybe there are some things doctors aren't supposed to do...