Nurses trading in drab scrubs for fashionable workwear

  1. HINGHAM - The models posed purposefully as a fan blew their hair and pink and purple stethoscopes gleamed under bright lights.

    They accessorized with utility scissors and blood pressure cuffs instead of purses and bangles. And rather than runway couture, the women were showing off the latest lines of scrubs, the resolutely bland health care wear that is now getting a major makeover.

    The guiding force behind the glitzy photo shoot last week was Work 'N Gear, a company better known as the go-to for overalls and construction boots. The Quincy firm has shifted its focus to the booming business of fashionable scrubs, which now account for more than 40 percent of the $1.5 billion scrubs market nationally.
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  3. by   Carrig RN
    That's my unit!
  4. by   tntrn
    Good luck keeping them.. Many places are going the clone know, you all appear to be more professional if you all dress alike.
  5. by   OnlybyHisgraceRN
    I see nothing wrong with it. As long as nurses look professional is all that matters. Some like glitz and glam some done. Both may be competent nurses.
  6. by   Stephalump
    I looked at scrubology's website after reading this, and I most definitely wasn't sold on what the article considers "glitz and glamour." There is absolutely nothing "out there" about their stuff except the scrubs are fitted. I've seen much crazier in the "Ugliest Scrubs" thread!
  7. by   tothepointeLVN
    I went to one of the new scrubology stores inside of Sears and I wasn't impressed either. It's stock was dull compared to my local uniform advantage store.
  8. by   MassED
    I take offense. I find that I look pretty good in my cozy, pale blue, pajama-like scrubs that I pretty much rock out. Just sayin'. Nobody could every say that I wasn't comfortable, able to bend over without showing my underwear, crouch like a tiger and jump, scooch, lean, or jump in my "bland" scrubs. Scrubs need to be PRACTICAL and comfortable, numbero uno. As for those that try to make nursing or the workwear more about fashion, pffft is what I say, it's certainly NOT about that. The first time that a fashionista-nurse gets charcoal on her uber-cool design scrubs will decide perhaps the bland scrubs are the way to go.
  9. by   sauconyrunner
    HOLY COW. I read the end of the article....the nurse has 50 outfits? Really. I can think of SO MANY better things to spend money on. SO MANY.

    I'm actually a huge fan of the clone. I'm an even huger fan of hospital provided and laundered scrubs. One less thing to think about....

    Now, my Running clothes, well...a gal has got to look cute some times...