Nurses Top List in Honesty and Ethics Again in Gallup Poll

  1. from psna enews:

    nurses top list in honesty and ethics again in gallup poll

    the gallup organization's 2005 annual poll on professional honesty and ethical standards ranked nurses number one. the poll asked americans to rate the honesty and ethical standards of members of professions on a five-point scale that ranges from "very high" to "very low." of the 21 professions tested this year, 6 have majority "high ethical" ratings -- nurses (82%), pharmacists (67%), medical doctors (65%), high school teachers (64%), policemen (61%), and clergy (54%).

    "the rating of nurses by the public again as number one in 'honesty and ethics' reveals just how much trust the public places in the nursing profession," said ana president barbara blakeney, ms, rn. "it is my hope that this continuing affirmation of the public's respect and trust will prompt congress and the health care industry to support nursing education and improve the work environment for nurses. what we need, in short, is the public's support on such issues, along with policy makers' readiness and willingness to act."

    in general, the latest poll shows americans continue to give high ratings to professionals in public service and public protection, including members of the healthcare professions. nurses have been the highest rated profession since first being included in gallup 's "honesty and integrity" survey in 1999, except in 2001, when firefighters outranked them in wake of the sept. 11 terrorist attacks. (firefighters were not included in this year's poll.) [color=#336699]
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