Nurses to Protest Labor Board Ruling

  1. LOS ANGLES, CA (KNX) -- The L.A. streets is being filled with members from the nurses' union, to protest a recent ruling by the National Labor Relations Board that they say could keep thousands of their colleagues from unionizing.

    A three-two NLRB ruling held that ''charge nurses'' who assign patient care duties to other nurses should be considered ''supervisors,'' thus baring them from joining unions.

    That decision says union members, ''could deprive hundreds of thousands of registered nurses of their workplace protections and democratic rights.''

    The nurses plan to assemble outside the Good Samaritan Hospital in downtown Los Angeles and march to NRLB office on South Figueroa Street.

    Similar rallies are scheduled to take place in Chicago, Saint Louis, Louisville, Kentucky, and Bangor, Maine.

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  3. by   barbie90210
    [font=book antiqua]yes but now that it has been voted on by the nlrb isn't this just a waste of time? will they be forced to reconsider? even if many people protest it's as if they just continue to do what they want without thinking there are consequences. what is your opinion? can this ruling be overturned?
  4. by   OC_An Khe
    Can this ruling be overturned? The simple answer is yes, however, doing so will require years of work. First, is through the federal court system. This issue has been to the US Supreme Court twice and both time the court sent it back to the NLRB to clarify their regulation on who can be classified a supervisor and who has protection of the Labor Laws. An appeal to this decision will be(?already has been) filed. Second, is to have Congress re write the law so that it clearly defines who can have organizing protection and who can not. Obviously with the Republicans in charge of the Legislative branch this wll not happen. Also if there is ever a Democratic President, and an opening on the NLRB occurrs, then a more "labor friendly" commissioner can be appointed and this regulation can be re written.
    As you can see these are all political solutions. This ruling is a reminder that politics and election can have vast consequences on each of our lives. It behooves all of us to pay attention to the politics of both local and national issues and vote. We only get the kind of government we vote for. The real strength of our country, both culturally and economically, rests in an educated and informed citizenery who take an active part in choosing our government. Sadly barely half the citizens in this country live up to their civic duties with regards to elections and voting.
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  5. by   barbie90210
    [font=book antiqua]so an appeal has been filed but it will take years to resolve it? the appeal is filed with the supreme court? :typing
  6. by   OC_An Khe
    Typically the appeal is filed at a lower federal court level and then works its way through the system untill it reaches the Supreme Court again. I wouldn't be hopeful for a SC reversal but rather a political change either by Congress or the White House which will also take years.
  7. by   Jokerhill
    i have had a problem with the charge nurse roll for some time. why is it we only get paid extra for the shift we are in charge? can anyone name another industry that uses this method? i cant find another industry that pays you for your knowlege only some of the time. i don't forget everthing when not in charge, and neither do the other nurses. i still get to field many questions and get asked to help even if i don't have the roll for the night. i think this needs to be fixed, how about you? now this situation may help to fix it. you are either a supervisor or you are not! for my money they can keep the job, now that they are taking away my union protections! joker55
  8. by   ghoprn
    I can see it now. ALL our job descriptions will include possible charge nurse coverage, there-by making us management, and preventing us from joing unions. This will give hospitals free range to control wages and patient to staff ratios. I say!! All ONE MILLION nurses nationwide tell everyone in this country that at midnight 12/24/06. MERRY CHRISTMAS! WE QUIT! We are fed up! Our wages are fixed (illegally), we put our license's on the line with heavy patient loads/assignments, we are abused and disrespected by doctors, patients, families, and admin, we are exposed to numerous communicable diseases, nosocomial infections, HIV, the HEP family of viruses, the list goes on..... Yet we have no health/disability coverage for this, instead we lose our jobs. We're TOLD to do more with less, the equipment is old. We have to tow the line outside of work. We get yelled at, at home, because we aren't around every weekend or holiday, and miss special events. We are expected to come to work sick. And NOW we have to put up with this ruling.
    WAKE UP AMERICA, there is a nursing shortage. STOP making us mad or there won't be any nurses to help you. AND Nurse's stand together. Start being cohesive, stop stabbing each other in the back. We have the greatest oppotunity at hand. As the largest single employed group in this country, we have the power and strength to make demands. Lets move forward as the biggest TEAM this nation has ever seen assembled and demand better working conditions, better wages and benefits, money spent on better equipment, patient/staff ratio's, WHY should adminsitration get the bonuses, we do the work!!! I think you all get my point. If we want a better way of working and living, then it is up to us as a whole to ensure it happens.