Nurses staging protest over wording of new law - California

  1. On Friday, nurses from around the state will tuck away their bedside manner and put on their activist caps.
    Several hundred nurses are expected today to march from the state Capitol to the Superior courthouse in Sacramento, where a key hearing will be held on a hospital industry lawsuit.

    If successful, the lawsuit could throw out certain nurse-to-patient staffing requirements, such as one nurse per every four patients in emergency rooms. Specifically, the California Healthcare Association wants a judge to reinterpret a provision in a fledgling hospital staffing law that requires certain nurse-to-patient ratios to be met "at all times."
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    Another Article:
    California Nurses Association: Hundreds of RNs to March to Preserve Safe RN Staffing

    Hundreds of registered nurses from more than 150 facilities across California will march and rally in Sacramento Friday, May 14 to protest hospital industry efforts to reverse the new patient protections established in California's landmark law requiring minimum safe RN hospital staffing ratios.

    RNs will convene at the West Lawn of the State Capitol, 10th & L streets and then march at 12 noon to Sacramento Superior Court, 720 9th St. for 1 p.m. rally prior to a critical court hearing in which a judge may rule on a hospital industry lawsuit to throw out the requirement that the ratio law applies "at all times" while a patient is in the hospital...