Nurses: Public hearings next? (Bridgeton News)

  1. VINELAND -- Health Professionals and Allied Employees wants to up the ante in its dispute with South Jersey Healthcare management.

    The over 10,000-member union issued a press release Thursday calling for public hearings into SJH "harassment over union recognition (and) the misuse of public patient care funds on a fierce campaign to deny and delay the rights of nurses to their duly elected union."

    A significant portion of South Jersey Healthcare's revenue comes from public funding.
    Whether it is being used to fund anti-union advertising, legal costs or similar measures is what HPAE wants the state to explore.

    In the last six months, both groups have purchased several, costly, full-page, color newspaper advertisements promoting their cause.

    Figures of approximate funding for HPAE or SJH's campaigns were not available on Thursday.

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