Nurses protested in Texas

  1. Border Governors Conference Starts

    Dozens of protesters were among those greeting the Border Governors Conference attendees outside the Capitol Thursday afternoon.
    Inside it was all pomp and circumstance as nine of the 10 U.S. and Mexican border governors began their two-day conference in Austin [Texas]....

    ...We start with the nurses. The same people who take your blood at the hospital are chanting with signs outside of the Four Seasons Hotel where Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was holding a luncheon to raise money for his campaign.

    Gwen Agbatekwe has been a nurse for 28 years in Austin and works at St. Davids Hospital. Unaccustomed to protesting, she says this time she couldn't stay away.

    "He's been about denigrating nurses. Talking down nurses. Dumbing us down. We are a very mighty organization," Agbatekwe said...
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  3. by   topingu
    That article was hard to understand.
  4. by   pickledpepperRN
    I just googled "Nurses" and clicked "news" to find it.
    It seems to be text of a TV news program.

    I was surprised to read that nurses in Texas protested our governor.
    But I agree that he insulted nurses, took money from special interests, and tried to eliminate our nursing board and safe staffing ratios.
  5. by   purplemania
    I was in Austin that day attending a statewide nursing conference. I never heard about this incident.

    BTW, I think Ahnold is a jerk.