Nurses Protest Proposed County Hospital Cuts

  1. Nurses Protest Proposed County Hospital Cuts

    CHICAGO (CBS 2) -- Nurses protested outside John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital Of Cook County Thursday night, saying they are concerned about what proposed budget cuts would to do patient care there...

    Other articles regarding the budget cuts:,3679065.story
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    Chicago, IL. -- Healthcare workers hit the streets in protest over proposed cuts in services and employees for Cook County.

    Two videos:
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    Cook County Budget Cuts
    Chicago, Ill 01/29/07

    Todd Stroger, President of the Cook County, Illinois Board, wants to cut 17% from the County budget, targeting jobs and services including public health and safety.
    Many protests are taking place, such as this one in downtown Chicago

    It is not just Cook County. People are in great need all over this country. Try to listen to the last speaker of the video.
    Video of demonstration:
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