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    ... recognition. an american nurses credentialing center (ancc) program, magnet is the nation's highest recognition for nursing services. only ...

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  3. by   ZASHAGALKA
    Just another way to keep nursing vocational in nature by catering to bells and whistles instead of a professional bottom line.

    It's the equivalent of a new car dealer proclaiming the 50 cent pin striping job as a real incentive to pay a few grand more for a car.

    Or, in the case of nurses, for the pin striping, you should be 'drawn like a magnet' to situations that still deprive you of the respect that goes with an honest and real salary.

    Personally, no magnetic attraction for me, at all.

    First, pay me what I'm worth, THEN, we'll talk about a professional work environment. You think I'm wrong? Consider this: a 24 hr bag of TPN costs more than 24 hrs of nursing service.

    The two aren't - or shouldn't be - tradeoffs. Not for professionals, in any case. I just don't see the value of trading my respect for work environments that should have been as high or higher than 'magnet' status all along. I detest the idea of being 'sold' nursing's 'birthright'.

    Shifting from patient centered to cost centered care created the problems that magnet status is intended to combat. That was a critical error not of nursing's making. I shouldn't have to trade ANYTHING for the respect that I deserved all along.

    And that respect, as long as we continue to sell it for bells and whistles, will always be elusive.

    The very name, 'magnet', is a twisted joke. See how giving nurses a portion of their real worth 'draws them like a magnet'. Hmmpppff.

    On the bright side, at least the bulk of that worth of nurses can still be diverted to executive salaries. What a great deal. . . for those executives about to get their Christmas bonuses.

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