Nurses increasingly make decisions on purchasing services, products

  1. Why would anyone want to sell to the health care industry? The reasons to avoid the market are abundant: The margins are thin (2 percent to 5 percent), insurance reimbursements are decreasing and the number of people pursuing health care professions has dried up. Moreover, the media is rife with stories about health care costs spiraling out of control.

    However, there's another way to look at the market.

    The health care industry is ripe for sales opportunities if the products and services being offered alleviate the industry's challenges. Health care is the largest industry in the United States today, representing 16 percent of gross domestic product. By 2012, health care spending nationwide will grow, on average, at an annual rate of 7.3 percent, topping $3.1 trillion in 2012. Also, health care is the third largest employer, encompassing 12.3 million people.

    So, how do you tap into this market?

    A critical factor to any sales plan in this industry is realizing that nurses are key stakeholders, increasingly becoming the decision makers when it comes to buying new tools and technology. This dynamic is happening because nurses today deliver the majority of clinical care in doctors' offices. Advanced practice nurses are running free-standing clinics. And, in most practices, there is a four-to-one ratio between nurses and physicians.

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  3. by   Megan-Cho
    Great article! I'm in LTC Sales and my boss told me once not to see nurses because they aren't the key decision maker! I laughed because at first I thought he was joking but he was serious. Happily I ignored his advice and the first contract I got signed was by a nurse who was also co-owner of the building!

    If I had used his advice and ignored her, I'd never have gotten the business!

    Not only that, I now have a wonderful friend - whether we do business or not!