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"The violent acts of one man have changed my perspective," said the nurse who was allegedly kicked by the son of Robert F. Kennedy The nurses who confronted Douglas Kennedy as he tried to... Read More

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    SIGN the petition to show your support.
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    show your support and SIGN the petition
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    show your support and sign the petition
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    Law in NYS - Penal Law Article 120.5 was amended to include nurses. It is now a Class D felony to assault a nurse while on duty. November 1, 2010 law became effective.

    A highly publicized assault on 2 nurses took place in Norhtern Westchester County, NY in January of 2012.

    support your fellow nurses and sign the petition at - northern westchester.
    this law needs to be passed and enforced across all 50 states.
    Nurses deserve respect and protection while performing their duties to the public!
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    All I can say is that their alarm system is crappy. The system we use where I work sets off a loud alarm when you cross the boundaries and all exits and elevators lock. So butthead Kennedy wouldn't have been able to leave the unit no matter how hard he tried or how many nurses he kicked.

    Is he too good to follow the rules the hospital has in place for ALL infant's safety?? We also have a rule that you do not carry the infant around in the hallway. You push baby in the crib so that if you decide to kick nurses and you fall, at least your baby doesn't get hurt. (sarcasm, but it is a rule LOL.)

    I find it fascinating that his doctor friend watched the whole incident and says the nurses were the only aggressors. I guess the nurse kicked herself acrosss the hallway then?? He was polite and non confrontational?? Yeah right. Didn't look that way to me at all.

    If he didn't like the rules at the hospital, then he and his wife should have chosen a homebirth, or a birthing center where they don't have to worry about germs or infant security.

    People are something.
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    Douglas Kennedy: Scuffle with nurses ruined career

    Update on the case.

    It is annoying-and totally inaccurate - the way these news writers refer to this assault as a "clash" and a "scuffle." I guess they are afraid of being sued.
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