Nurses hit NLRB chief on supervisor ruling

  1. nurses hit nlrb chief on supervisor ruling

    obert battista got an earful yesterday from upset massachusetts nurses who say his national labor relations board blew it earlier this week by asserting many nurses can be classified as "supervisors" and kept out of unions.
    a day after the nlrb's controversial decision, battista, chairman of the federal board, attended a massachusetts nurses association conference in sturbridge - and he heard numerous complaints from nurses, who said the ruling was unfair, according to conference participants.
    "obviously, he was challenged by a litany of nurses," said julie pinkham, head of the mna.

    in a phone interview with the herald, battista said he didn't mind the nurses' grilling, saying he was treated "very cordially."
    but he defended the board's decision as helping to "clarify" complex laws that have hobbled the labor-relations system over the decades.
    battista added the u.s. supreme court has recently ruled that the government has to clarify how employees are classified when it comes to union disputes.
    "we were just trying to resolve what the court sent to us," he said.

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  3. by   barbyann
    Can someone clarify what my stance should be at work? Since I want to retain my right to vote a union into my place of employment should I refuse to do charge every weekend night?
  4. by   Jokerhill
    You can check out my other post for all my thoughts, but for this one, I will not do charge as of now. AS you already know it is already not worth the extra $24.00 for a shift. Did you also know that if something happens on the next shift, the one you did the assignments on, you can be held liable as it was you who gave that nurse that assignment. I don't know about your situation but in our hospital we use alot of 13 week travler nurses and most are very good. However, there are many shifts that come on and I don't even have any idea of who the nurse is, nor has administration given me any information on the level of training, (I work in an NICU, with different skill levels needed for the care). So with one less level of protection, I for one will just say NO.