Nurses group, UC come to terms on 2-year pact

  1. After almost a year of negotiations, the California Nurses Association and University of California have reached a tentative contract agreement for more than 9,000 nurses at UC facilitiesstatewide.

    The new two-yearcontract, which was announced yesterday, would provide UC nurses a minimum 6 percent wage increase in 2006 and some pension and staffing protections.
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  3. by   pickledpepperRN
    …CNA officials said the contract includes a minimum 6 percent wage increase and contract language on staffing ratios and pension protections.
    "This is the best CNA-UC contract nurses have achieved in over 20 years," Emmanuel Punzalan, a UCLA RN, who was on the CNA nurse negotiating team, said in a news release. "The pension and retiree health benefit protections we won were critical in retaining our experienced RNs."