Nurses find mission to Gulf changed

  1. Stephen Ingerson of Benicia and girlfriend Lisa Meikle observe a strict rule about shop talk.

    On their ride home from San Francisco, the UCSF nurses often vent about the daily grind of life-and-death work 9 the heartbreaking losses, the grumpy patients, the hospital politics. But they only gripe until they exit the Bay Bridge. That's the emotional dividing line between career and home life.

    However, in the year since the couple returned from a grueling volunteer mission to aid Hurricane Katrina victims in coastal Mississippi, they've found it's no longer that easy to compartmentalize their feelings. After two weeks of treating desperate and scared families who survived thrashing flood waters and vicious winds with only their lives, the emotional connection to work became 9and remains 9 unavoidable.

    "We didn't know how to separate anymore," Meikle said. "We were always able to walk away. Now, not so much."

    Full Story: Emotional connections: Nurses find mission to Gulf changed their ... [Vallejo Times-Herald,CA]
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  3. by   CHATSDALE
    there were so many who helped when it was needed so much
    the nurses, the electrical workers, those who helped to searech for the dead and injured, the people who rejoined families, countless others who will never know how much they were appreciated