Nurses Find Media Image Needs Intensive Care

  1. january 10, 2006 press release:

    nurses find media image needs intensive care

    baltimore, md, january 10, 2007 -- the center for nursing advocacy has announced its fourth "golden lamp awards," the group's annual list of the best and worst media portrayals of nurses. the 2006 list includes a range of media from all over the world.

    among the "worst" award recipients were the nobel prize-winning médecins sans frontières (doctors without borders), italian political leader silvio berlusconi, nurse recruiting campaigner johnson & johnson, and hit hollywood shows including abc's "grey's anatomy" and fox's "house."
    "most of the best depictions of nursing appeared in the print media," said center executive director sandy summers, who cited specific pieces in the the philadelphia daily news, the new yorker, and bangladesh's daily star as being among the best. summers also praised nursing scholars and advocates who had made an impact in the general media, and many companies, including wynn las vegas, drug chain cvs, and alr technologies, for promptly modifying damaging images in their products or ads.

    the center noted that, as usual, many of the least accurate and most damaging depictions were in the influential television medium. besides "grey's anatomy" and "house," the center's "worst" list included episodes of nbc's "er" and "heroes," and hbo's "the sopranos."
    "'grey's anatomy' and 'house' are the worst offenders," summers said. "these globally popular shows portray nurses as brainless servants, while heroic physicians provide all important care -- much of which nurses do in real life, like defibrillation, triage and patient education. with a nursing crisis stemming in large part from undervaluation of the profession, this is unacceptable."

    on the other hand, the center gave "honorable mention" awards to two episodes of nbc's "scrubs," and to the australian dramatic series "remote area nurse." and it cited a massive time magazine cover story on hospital risks as being one of the worst for ignoring nursing.

    berlusconi received an "evolutionary dead end" award for telling the press that his own cleveland clinic nurses were less attractive than italian nurses. the center's "worst" list also cited médecins sans frontières for refusing to consider a slight name change to credit the nurses and others who do most of its work; johnson & johnson for recruiting commercials that reinforced handmaiden and emotional "angel" stereotypes; and mattel for selling a doll called the "nurse quacktitioner," which suggested that nurse practitioners are quacks....
    see the center's annual year-end awards in summary or full version.
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  3. by   oramar
    Some of the people on these boards are not supportive of this organization. However, it you click on the "full" link you will find the awards and the reasons for the awards both good and bad are well thought out and logical. I personally like this organization.