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  1. by   dcampbell
    Nurses will have their temperatures taken throughout their shifts.
    Visitors (who knows what their temperature is) will be escorted into our patient's rooms. Visitors--hugging and kissing on the patients, not washing their hands, ect.
    What's the point?
  2. by   Conqueror+
    There is a big difference between giving a urine drug sample or wearing a hairnet and being INJECTED with a shiny new drug. If you can't see the difference I feel sorry for you.
  3. by   CapeCodMermaid
    Not to belabor the point, but the SEASONAL flu is shiny new each year. One year it has one strain of the flu, the next it is changed based on what the CDC thinks will be the strain we encounter. It's different every year...each year is new. I feel sorry for you if you don't understand THAT.
  4. by   GiGiOm
    Nobody should be forced to take a vaccination they do not want. Health care workers who are upset about this are not being hysterical. I don't think it's useful to get on this site and belittle nurses who are against this and see this as a slippery slope we are on from a civil rights perspective. It is illegal for us to force a competent, informed patient to undergo treatment he does not want. It's called battery, and we could end up doing time and paying a fine and losing our license for it. Last time I checked, I did not become nonhuman when I got my RN licensure (although many people in admin and the general public might seem to believe otherwise). The same rights should apply to us. No ifs, ands, or buts. Would you undergo a hysterectomy or a vasectomy if the government mandated it in the interest of protecting the public? It's an extreme example, I know. That said, it's been done before in a factory to the female workers. When you send a message that it's okay to force someone to submit to invasive treatment to keep his or her job, you open a big ethical pandora's box.
  5. by   crazytonurse
    Quote from lina.561
    I visit St. Marys Medical Center often here in West Palm Beach, FL.
    I do not have to wear any masks and they let me in the ICU to see my friend. I dont see anyone else with masks on either. I would not want to take the flu shot, they just inject you with the diesase! My mother in law took the flu shot and I don't know if this is coindence or not but she contracted diabeties right after!
    I wasn't aware that you can "contract" diabetes? Please do explain.
  6. by   criticalHP
    Quote from CapeCodMermaid
    When all y'all decided to apply to nursing school, didn't you have to provide proof that you'd either been vaccinated against measles, mumps, rubella and and and OR proof you had the disease? Did you all comply? Why is this so different? The H1N1 vaccine is made the same way the seasonal flu vac. is made. Seasonal flu is a combination of the most likely strains of flu for a particular year. It changes from year to year based on the likely hood of one organism or another. H1N1 is made in the identical manner. So why say you're not afraid to get the seasonal flu but you are afraid of the H1N1 flu? It makes no logical sense. You'd think health care workers wouldn't get involved in the hysteria over this.
    The difference lies in the fact that the H1N1 vaccine has been fast-tracted through the FDA, not in how its made. In the 70's there was a swine flu outbreak and people were vaccinated. Many people developed severe neurological disorders (Guillian-Barre) from the vaccine. Today the government can not narrow down the risk of contracting this potentially deadly neurological disorder, and do not know the risk of other side effects. The fact is that the government does not, nor can not know the full scope of potential side effects on a vaccine that has been tested for only 3 months. I for one do not want to be a lab rat for the government. Mandating HC workers to get the H1N1 vaccine when the general public is skeptical, when the makers of the vaccine do not want to get it, and when the pharmaceutical company heads to do want to get it is insane. This is MY body---. If this inadequately tested vaccine is to be mandated to HC workers, then by GOD, I want to see EVERY VISITOR IN EVERY HOSPITAL SYSTEM roll up their sleeves and get in line for theirs BEFORE being allowed to enter ANY HEALTH CARE ESTABLISHMENT. Turn around is fair play John Q Public! Don't demand HC workers to get a vaccine you'd denies yourself---by all means, step up and let me serve up a healthy dose for you with a smile
  7. by   criticalHP
    Quote from wifemotherstudent
    I wasn't aware that you can "contract" diabetes? Please do explain.

    Pretty sure that was a layperson so let's give em a break. Diabetes is not a disease that you contract by any means. It is a genetic (young person or child) or gradually occuring disease diagnosed in mid- life due to improper diet, exercise-and is mostly seen in overweight individuals. If you mother was diagnoses with diabetes shortly after having a flu shot, chances are she had the disorder and it was simply found at that time. Asking your/her primary health care provider to clarify this please, but it would be a mistake to avoid a seasonal flu shot simply due to misinformation. Please have her seek professional advise on whether she is appropriate for the flu shot-there are a few contraindications that her doc would be able to advise on.
  8. by   criticalHP
    Quote from dcampbell
    1) What about if an employee just takes Tylenol before work? No fever.
    2) How nice that hospitals NOW do not want sick employees to work. I guess this summer, it will be back to supervisors demanding nurses work sick, or be disciplined.
    3) Suppose, during these daily prework screenings, there are not enough employees to work that shift?

    Well now--that has already surfaced in conversations--"premed w/ tyl". And yes-it is funny all of a sudden you can't work sick when before you'd better be caughing up a lung just to prove you needed to stay home
  9. by   criticalHP
    coughing up a lung--pardon my fast fingers
  10. by   Conqueror+
    Quote from CapeCodMermaid
    Not to belabor the point, but the SEASONAL flu is shiny new each year. One year it has one strain of the flu, the next it is changed based on what the CDC thinks will be the strain we encounter. It's different every year...each year is new. I feel sorry for you if you don't understand THAT.
    Considering the fact that I do not nor have I ever taken flu vaccinations there is no need to feel sorry for me. Feel sorry for the sheeple who believe every "announcement" that big brother makes. No one is going to tell me that I MUST inject my body with anything against my will. I am NOT in the army.
  11. by   Gemma08
    Quote from hypocaffeinemia
    If one willingly stays employed for a company that has a policy of branding its employees, I would suggest the problem may lie with the person and not the company. It's a two-way street. One chooses to be employed in a particular job and for a particular company.

    I'd like to see a McDonald's fryer successfully wage a human rights campaign due to the fact he's forced to wear a hairnet at work. It's not all that different.
    I am sure others have responded to this but I haven't read ahead yet.
    Are you serious? Are you really going to compare a hairnet with a vaccine? The hairnet does not have risks associated with it, not any medical ones anyway.
  12. by   CinnScorpStudent
    Here's a couple of reasons I don't get vaccines, haven't had the flu but once in my life (93') now 42, I think I'll stick with my own immune system's track record.

    Quite interesting no?

    Then there's this:

    Bayer/Baxter if anyone remembers was responsible in large part to the distribution of HIV tainted Factor VIII as well, some track record.

    Another interesting page for consideration:

    Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth....Gandhi
  13. by   azhiker96
    The mask is obviously meant to be a scarlet letter under the thin veil that those who are vaccinated are protected from having the flu. We know that vaccination does not protect absolutely from the flu. I think the numbers I saw indicated 30% to 60% protection from vaccination. So really, anyone could come down with H1N1, even if they're vaccinated.
    If I were in one of the mandatory vaccination facilities, I would get the shot but I'd also wear a mask. If the hospital wants masks as a precaution then it should be a universal precaution. Everyone wearing them would eliminate the stigma associated with a few people wearing the mask. Also, it would cost the hospitals quite a bit for masks. That would make them take a real look at whether that type of precaution is worth the cost.