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By Christine Haines, Herald-Standard Even when hospital administrators say they are fully staffed, nurses on the floor often say they need more help. "It's been an age-old dilemma, the... Read More

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    Quote from barefootlady
    We all sing the "gloom, despair, agony on me" song, but I know I love nursing down to the marrow in my bones. I just can't imagine a day when I won't do it although I know that day is fast approaching. I only wish we could hold our heads up and walk proudly down the corridors like our peers did in their days.
    We do need to be more positive, present a national united front in the interest of the patients we care for and for ourselves and our fellow nurses.
    We need to pressure our elected officials to put ratios into effect. Realistic, workable, safe ratios. Tweety, I know the pain of 8 patients on day shift, NO nurse, no matter how good or experienced, should have to accept that many patients and be expected to complete every task, know every vital piece of information for those patients, and be ready to answer to the doctor when he comes rambling in for the few minutes he is there.
    We need to stop being so critical of our fellow nurses, stop pointing fingers when a honest mistake happens, stop expecting our new grads to know what we know after years of working.
    We need to develop a nationwide accepted and expected level of professional treatment from facilities, doctors, and other health care professionals that every nurse supports. We need to treat other health care professionals in accordance with our expectations.
    You say I am dreaming, this cannot be done, but IT CAN BE DONE! We can start in our own facility, our own state, talk to one another on boards like this, we need to support the nurses here and the students.
    If we don't stop voting with our feet every time we have adverse issues, take a stand and fight for a better future for ourselves and our future nurses, then our profession is going to be gone soon.

    Sorry for my rant, but Florence would be very sad if she saw our profession today.
    Amen! I applaud your take on this, too.
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    [QUOTE=cheerfuldoer]Amen! I applaud your take on this, too. [/QUOT
    Maybe I am just getting really crabby in my old age, yesterday I worked 12 hrs. with a CNA (when I could find her ) on my unit, pediatrics.We usually
    staff with 2 RNs per shift and no CNA. I had a teenger with pancreatitis
    who needed a PICC line placed, and had pages of orders, a new admission
    who barely spoke english, and needed alot of TLC, a fresh surgical that desperately needed pain meds, (no chart telling me what I could give him). A little boy that comes twice a day for antibiotics, and a "kid care " that discovered the call light and wanted me to fix his video game.
    The phone was ringing off the hook, our unit secretary had left at 2:30
    so there was no one to do the STAT orders.I am not a new nurse, and I
    absolutely love peds patients and their families. What I don't like is flying
    by the seat of my pants for 12 hrs. without any kind of break. When I left
    last night I felt I had let all my patients down. The worst part is, this summer
    when our census is low, our nurse manager plans to staff with a 16 yr.
    old newly hired CNA, and one nurse. We will all be losing hours. I don't know
    know what to do. This is purely a cost cutting measure, and certainly does not benefit the patient, or the staff. I am crossed trained to the NICU, but the same manager runs both units---HELP!
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    Quote from cheerfuldoer
    They can write all the articles they want on the critical staffing issues that face hospitals today, but there won't be any changes made until nurses unite and stand on the White House lawn in record numbers until they have their day in court (so to speak). Until then.....unsafe staffing will continue.

    ALL nurses MUST take a stand and unite to make a difference. That means NO SCABS coming into the hospitals for the big bucks, but they must join their fellow comrades in fighting against unsafe staffing.

    I'm leaving hospital nursing because I find it very unsafe to practice anymore, and will NOT put my nursing license on the line anymore for money hungry corporations who own hospitals, rake in all the money they can at the expense of the patients we are short staffed to care for.........and get no respect in the process. :angryfire

    I'm sorry there is another nurse leaving because of big bucks at the expense of good . safe care.........what can we do, where can we sign up???????????i have even applied to unions and offered to work for them, but to no avail........what's next??????????