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  1. by   firstaiddave907
    you still have to go see the patient if something goes wrong like if the machine doesn't work then you still have to go to there houses. i wonder how accurate taking vital singhs are on this machine ?
  2. by   felixfelix
    Telemetry is only going to get bigger....soon everyone will have a watch or PDA with VS capability, and when it goes out of range, it will alarm your providers computer and it will call you and ask you diagnostic questions...maybe one day the watch will be loaded with meds and it will auto-dispense prn...2 watches together will de-fib....all you'll have to do is pass a 2 hr. online course to buy one...I could dream up this stuff for hours, but I should be doing homework! It's gonna be a good time to be a personal injury lawyer (like it isn't now)
  3. by   Katnip
    Quote from funnynurse
    Welcome to the future!
    Telehealth gives nurses who are not able to work in facilities the opportunity to still practice nursing. Especially for those poor nurses who have health problems and can't tolerate the rigors of floor work. It would be great for stay at home nurse moms, still wanting to contribute!
    Yes, but will they be giving that job to a nurse in the U.S., or one in India for a quarter of the salary? I'm sure there would be a way to get special licensing that allows nurses who work out of state or out of country to do telenursing.

    Don't underestimate TPTB who are will do everything they can to cut costs.
  4. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    It could be beneficial for "in between visits".

    If you have your visits set up for 2 times a week, then video monitoring could be used for the rest of the week.

    However, I dont' think it should be used instead of a visit.