Nurses call for hospital CEO's ouster

  1. Describing a hospital in "chaos," nurses from Doctors Medical Center San Pablo/Pinole called for the ouster of CEO Irwin Hansen and a takeover by the county at a rally outside the county Administration Building in Martinez this morning.
    At the rally, prior to a meeting of the county Board of Supervisors, who were to hear an update on the financial situation at Doctors, members of the California Nurses Association warned of an impending health care crisis.

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  3. by   HuggyPuglet
    The story doesn't say enough about what happened there.
  4. by   NRSKarenRN
    More to this story:
    Doctors Medical Center closes Pinole campus

    Doctors Medical Center San Pablo/Pinole, which last week asked staff to take a voluntary 12.5 percent reduction in hours, will close its Pinole campus and file for bankruptcy....

    ...To meet that payroll, Doctors will scale down from approximately 800 to 700 full-time employees, something that might be achieved a number of ways including asking employees to take an additional reduction in hours....

    The board could not agree on Sept. 13 whether to close the emergency services department and turn it into an urgent care unit, although this might effectively happen as a result of low staffing levels.

    Since the evening of Sept. 11, nurses have been calling in sick and ambulances have been diverted to other hospitals' emergency departments. The hospital is talking with unions that represent its workers, including the California Nurses Association and SEIU United Healthcare Workers-West locals 1 and 39. The emergency department was still seeing walk-in patients....
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    Doctors San Pablo nurses decry board's decision

    ... Carol Sims has worked as a registered nurse at the hospital for 44 years, including 31 years in the nursery.
    "I am so angry. What they are doing is appalling. They do not realize the impact that closing this unit will have on the community," Sims said....

    Hospital must not be closed in San Pablo
    Last year:

    Doctors Medical Center San Pablo/Pinole Near Deal To Sublease Pinole Campus From Tenet
    May 5, 2005

    Doctors Medical Center San Pablo/Pinole is close to an agreement with Texas-based Tenet Healthcare to sublet the Pinole hospital campus for 16 years, the Contra Costa Times reports. If the West Contra Costa Healthcare District board approves the agreement, the hospital could reactivate state licenses for more than 130 beds that were deactivated when inpatient care moved to San Pablo in 2000, according to Peggy Lipper, the medical center's vice president of corporate development (Lochner, Contra Costa Times, 5/4).

    The health care district on Aug. 1, 2004, assumed control of operations at Doctors. In June, residents of West Contra Costa County Healthcare District voted to approve a property tax measure that will raise an estimated $6.1 million annually for the health care district. Health care district officials said that the hospital would have closed without the funding. ...
  6. by   pickledpepperRN
    Doctors' ER staff gives notice
    Physicians haven't been paid for six months and say they're frustrated at the lack of support for the hospital
  7. by   jonRNMD
    tsk tsk tsk.....

    there will be more of this in the next ready
  8. by   PANurseRN1
    Yet another hospital Tenet has managed to run into the ground.