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  1. new brunswick — members of the nurses union at robert wood johnson university hospital will begin returning to their jobs thursday, following ratification of a contract sunday.

    "we'll be glad to be getting back to work," said nurse jeanne clark, a member of the negotiating team for united steelworkers local 4-200, which went on strike aug. 24.
    though management did not budge from its salary package — giving the union annual 3 percent raises through 2008 — it did clarify language in the nurses' health-care package.
    "it does give us language we consider very important. we do not consider the adjustments to be minor," said clark.

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    a month later, striking nurses agree to return [color=#6f6f6f]newark star ledger
    rwjuh nurses approve new contract, ending strike [color=#6f6f6f]press of atlantic city
    nurses strike ends [color=#6f6f6f]new brunswick home news tribune
    new brunswick home news tribune
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  3. by   ironica01
    yes, we're back to our patients' bedside. but we have to attend a 2hour seminar before Thursday. and not only that. those nurses who took contracts from agencies during the strike will be accommodated by the hospital unitl they completed the contract upon submission of proofs. the hospital is also holding a marathon of ACLS and BLS certifications during this period. so, everybody is doing its duties. RWJUH is due for triannual DOH inspection hence the seminars.
    our increase is retroactive from July 31st and it will be seen in our first paycheck in October. Thanks to everybody who supported us, the nurses, during the strike. It was difficult but with faith and solidarity, our rights prevail. The nurses will be holding a hand-in-hand march on Sept. 21 prior to start of the shift (6:30AM). after all, we stood together till the end.

    Consummatum est (it is done!)
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  4. by   mobileRN
    Glad to hear that the strike is settled and that you got what you needed for the health care language. You should be proud for standing together. Solidaridy Mobile RN