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SUE Jenkins says there are times when she is almost ashamed to be a nurse. A Queensland nurse with more than two decades of experience, she says she is increasingly witnessing horrific incidents... Read More

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    Did you really need to go there? You knew the idea that was being eluded to, be a team player. It's not about words today, ...please as nurses we need all the support from each other we can get.
    What I still do not understand is why so many nurses seem to think education (God forbid I use training) should be at the BSN level.
    Yes, BSN should be required for upper level management, practitioners, etc. and they must have X number of years experience. However, staff nursing entry level should be at the 12 month to 2 yr level. There is no reason why an LPN can not enter into staff nursing quite competantly. Crawl before you walk... tiny steps before giant steps. It is training as much as it is education.

    I laughed the other day when I saw a post from one of our BSN nurses. She had the nerve to complain that one of her pts wanted a massage! When I was in school, a back rub (massage) was required for every pt at bedtime and prn. I admit, on the floor many pts do not get one, however... it does remain a nursing function! Seems something was lost when we moved "forward" to education instead of training!

    Nursing does not need to move forward to require BSN degrees for entry level and those with the BSN degrees should not be permitted into any position other than entry level until he/she has a good 3 - 5 years varied experience. Training and experience makes for a great nurse, not education.