Nurses are pleased with mandatory overtime ban passed by PA Hse of Representatives

  1. [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]by a 160-28 vote, the state house of representatives passed a bill late wednesday that would ban mandatory overtime for nurses and other direct caregivers in hospitals and other health-care facilities.

    house bill 957, introduced by state rep. george hasay, r-union township, forbids nurses, nursing assistants and other workers who provide direct patient care to work overtime except in emergency situations. the bill, first introduced by hasay in march 2003, must pass the senate before it becomes law.

    the bill's passage was a victory to more than 400 registered nurses at wilkes-barre general hospital who walked the picket line for three weeks in 2003. their opposition to mandatory overtime was one of the major sticking points during heated negotiations and the subsequent strike and lock-out by wyoming valley health care system. in the end, while management agreed that nurses could refuse mandatory overtime in certain circumstances, elimination of the practice was not a part of the contract settlement.

    "it's so great it passed. this has been a hard fight," said sandy sabbatini, a registered nurse in the emergency room who served as president of the wyoming valley nurses association during the strike.

    full story: nurses are pleased state house oks mandatory overtime ban
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  3. by   BSNtobe2009
    Is this just banning hospitals from being able to REQUIRE mandatory overtime unless it's an emergency, or banning ALL overtime?

    The article seems to go back and forth.
  4. by   NRSKarenRN
    Just re-read HB 957: Prohibition of Excessive Overtime Act

    is broaded to include ANY healthcare facility employee from

    (specific hours removed I suspect as some nurses/staff want to work 8, others 12, some work 2-16hrs on WE only as fits their family/lifestyle. Karen)

    If a health care facility requires AN EMPLOYEE to work in excess of the EMPLOYEE'S agreed to, predetermined and regularly scheduled work shift, the health care facility OR EMPLOYER shall provide AT LEAST THREE HOURS' NOTICE OF THE REQUIREMENT.
    AN EMPLOYEE who is required to work more than 12 consecutive hours per workday pursuant to subsection (c) or who volunteers to work more than 12 consecutive hours shall be entitled to at least ten consecutive hours of off-duty time immediately after the worked overtime. AN EMPLOYEE may voluntarily waive the requirements of this subsection.

    Retaliation prohibited.--The refusal of a nurse AN EMPLOYEE to accept work in excess of the limitations set forth in subsection (a) shall not be grounds for discrimination,dismissal, discharge or any other employment decision adverse to the nurse EMPLOYEE.

    The companion bill in the senate is Tartaglione's SB 692.

    Both will need to be
  5. by   PeachPie
    I wonder what the loopholes are... there's alwasy some...
  6. by   banditrn
    What kills me is that there were apparently 28 jerks who thought nurses should be forced to work as much as their institutions demanded!
  7. by   ICURNinIL
    I live and work in IL. July 05 is when the state outlawed mandatory on call and OT. It has been WONDERFUL not to be mandated to work above and beyond the hours you are hired for. There can not be any disciplinary action taken if you say no or don't answer your phone.

    I used to work at the U of M and HCMC in Minneapolis, I miss it up there!!!
  8. by   RNKay31
    That is so good to know, especially for the safety of our patients and our license.
  9. by   sunseeker
    I emailed my representative.