Nurse tells tribunal of being forced to quit hospital job

  1. Nurse tells tribunal of being forced to quit hospital job


    A NURSE claimed she was hounded out of her job after she was admitted as a patient to the hospital where she worked, suffering from a psychiatric disorder.

    Margaret Hennessey, 53, told an employment tribunal she was forced out of her job after she was admitted for ten weeks for psychiatric treatment.

    Ms Hennessey told how she had moved to Scotland from Lincolnshire to start a new life after separating from her husband. She had done agency work before securing a job at Stirling Royal Infirmary as an enrolled nurse in the orthopaedic trauma unit.

    But she claimed that once she was admitted to a nearby ward for treatment for bipolar manic depression, her bosses launched a campaign of intimidation against her.

    She said: "I was ignored a lot of the time and treated like an outsider, not a member of the team. I felt like I was being continually bullied and I had no self confidence. Staff were quite abusive really and I felt intimidated."

    Ms Hennessey said she never managed to settle in at the hospital and her breakdown was the last straw. She was signed off sick for six months while hospital managers urged her to consider retirement on grounds of ill health.

    However, she said that after years of "loyal service" to the NHS, she deserved better. She told the tribunal she realised the situation was not going to improve and resigned in June 2003. "I knew I could never go back after the awful experience I had," she said.

    Forth Valley NHS Acute Hospitals Trust, based in Falkirk, Stirlingshire, denied the allegations. Speaking for the respondents, their lawyer said they had done all they could to accommodate Ms Hennessey.

    The hearing in Edinburgh continues
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