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What a story! Last night in Portland, Oregon a 56 year old nurse came home to find an intruder in her house. I think he had a hammer? She strangled him with her bare hands! He is dead. I'm sure... Read More

  1. by   twotrees2
    Quote from Daytonite
    While my first reaction to hearing this story was shock, then, good for this nurse, upon further thought I'm now thinking that this might not be such a good situation for all of nursing or this nurse in particular. The media is going to have a field day with this. This is going to be used to justify every bad thing the public has ever heard about nurses.

    I am currently taking a class in Law as it relates to healthcare. A law professor teaches it. While this incident hadn't been reported since my last class I will be interested to hear what the professor has to say about it. My concern for this nurse is this: there are some limits to self-defense. I am worried that this nurses' professional training and work as an ER nurse might be used by a Grand Jury or a District Attorney to hold her to a higher standard. They might believe that she had the knowledge to know just how far choking this man could have gone toward just incapacitating him as contrasted to resulting in his death. I read both articles linked to this story on the first page of this thread and both make similar statements that could be very detrimental to this nurse. One quotes her neighbor as saying something to the effect that she was calm after this incident because she was an ER nurse and went on to praise her for her clear thinking. Folks, you don't kill when you are thinking clearly and calmly, and I think a statement like that could get this nurse into a lot of trouble in the days to come. If this neighbor also made that statement to police investigators I think it could spell a lot of trouble for this lady. Add to that the fact that this nurse bested this intruder by 80 pounds. If this 180 pound man were in a compromised position toward the end of their physical struggle, someone weighing 260 pounds, her stated weight in the CNN article, sitting on his chest would make a serious difference in his ability to breathe! They think that is how Binion was killed in Las Vegas a few years ago--technically called burking. That, to me, would be an intentional act over a helpless person. Of course, the autopsy will reveal a lot of information as well and I'm sure the public doesn't have all the facts.

    I do know one thing. If I had been in this nurses' shoes and survived this, I would have been shaking, crying and barely able to even crawl over to a neighbor's house. That's a huge difference from the description of this nurse after her ordeal. I have no doubt that is going to be considered when all the facts of this case are reviewed by the powers that be. I do feel very, very sorry for this nurse. I think she may be in for a very rough time yet to come. I also feel very, very sorry for the nursing professional as a whole. This is not good publicity for us at all. We're supposed to be supporters of life, not takers of it, even when it happens accidentally through malpractice. Unfortunately, I think this poor sod is always going to be seen by the media as being right up there with Nurse Ratchet.
    i dont know everyone reacts differently to stresses - if it had been me i believe id have been calm etc - until the cops got there to relieve me of my role of being in charge of the situation so to speak.
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    Anyone read this?

    Wow...if this is true, she saved her own life!

    what a caring and powerful message she left on her machine - cudos for her - i think she will be ok
  3. by   TRAUMARN96
    This was purely a case of self defense. This nurse didn't wake up in the morning intending to kill this man....or anyone else for that matter. I'm glad she killed him first. If she hadn't used her ER instinct and her own hands, she would have been the one who families and friends were mourning. Good for her!! Besides, had this guy survived this ordeal, just imagine the everlasting life of embarrassment telling people that he was beat up by a girl. Sissy!! :smiley_ab
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    [font=courier new]she was either very brave or very stupid.
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    [font=courier new][color=#a0522d]either way, she is a heroine. not just for nurses, but for women, and ordinary, law-abiding citizens who work hard to protect themselves and their families and try to maintain peaceful lives. no second guessing. there are gray areas to everything, but some things are black and white: self-defense is not murder. period. i would have done the same thing without hesitation. protecting yourself is a right, not a privilege. i wish her well.
  5. by   vetnrse
    good one!!!!!!1
  6. by   Retired R.N.
    This nurse did not murder anyone! She was defending herself against an intruder who had been hired to kill her.
  7. by   mercyteapot
    Has there been any follow up to this story? Surely the woman isn't going to be charged? If she is, it will be a real waste of taxpayer money. No way on earth is any prosecutor going to be able to find 12 people willing to put her away.
  8. by   Dadyzangel86
    I think she had all the right in the world to defend herself. This man was trespassing in her personal territory and he got dealt with. I am sorry to hear that he died but he should have thought twice about what he did. I do hope that this lady is not prosecuted for defending her rights as a free American. She pays taxes on everything that she owns and has a right to do with it as pleases.

    I just say,"YOU GO GIRL"!!
  9. by   slou!
    The link to the article above isn't working for me. Can someone tell me what she recorded on her machine?
  10. by   mercyteapot
    Quote from slou!
    The link to the article above isn't working for me. Can someone tell me what she recorded on her machine?
    I don't remember the exact words, but the gist of the message was thanking callers for their thoughts and prayers.
  11. by   Nursing in 09
    Quote from 91C_ARMYLPN
    I have to say Kudos for this brave lady! While yes it is a loss of life, it is self defense. It's about time that a regular citizen has the advantage over the low life criminal. Imagine if the outcome was reversed??? We would be mourning the loss of our very own, a fellow nurse! Thank goodness that the grandchild was not present. Before one passes judgement...what would you do considering the circumstances?

    Sometimes a robbery can result in other tragedies...rape, murder of the innocent victim/victims involved, kidnapping, etc. I hope the Oregon Board Of
    Nursing does not give this courageous lady a hard time! Life can be hard itself. God bless her and may she have the time to heal and recuperate.
    Apparently the "system" has tried repeatedly to rehabilitate this idiot to no avail, just lots of taxpayer $. I don't agree to the comments others have made about the nurse being too calm at the neighbors HELLO_she is an ER nurse and was on automatic pilot. Also it is easy for those to say they would have been shaken, but do they really know, sometimes we react different than we expect, doing what we have to do in crisis. I hope her husband goes to prison and has to deal with everyone knowing he was so stupid..i am curious as to what kind of loser he is.
  12. by   SilentfadesRPA
    the end result of what happend is simple

    it could not have happened to a nicer guy and
    it could not have happened better to a wonderful nurse

    thank g*d the result was what it was

  13. by   honeyz
    Just goes to show never underestimate the power of a nurse's hands