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  1. by   chris_at_lucas_RN
    Quote from trixytop4
    I find it sad that such an incident could occur. If she had a substance abuse problem why did they allow her to continue to work? I am glad that she is no longer working as a nurse. Did anyone ever investigate the husband? He worked there also. But, if the hospital is like ours and like others you have to sign that drug out. How could that much drug come up missing and nobody for a long time realized it? What a scary thought. What happened to immediate autopsies for unexplained and sudden deaths? Sounds like a lot of people dropped the ball. It really is sad to think that if someone had been doing there job right this would have been caught a lot sooner and it may have saved lives.
    I believe her substance issues weren't hospital meds.

    I have worked with (and known others who have worked with) substance abusers (addicts, alcoholics, etc.) and never knew it. Some of them are that good.

    Why investigate her husband? He wasn't accused of anything, and there isn't any evidence that he ever did anything wrong.

    The hospital has the same controls that other hospitals have, but there are certainly ways around anything if you are motivated enough. There are lots of thread here about that kind of activity.

    (I'm signing off this thread now, I have the feeling it could turn into something rather off topic..... )
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