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Nurse sues Memorial, claims surgeon threw human tissue at her Source: Colorado Springs Gazette I wonder why she isn't suing the doctor as well!... Read More

  1. by   Habla?
    Why the nursing profession in this nation has not totally unionized under a national labor union, I do not know. If I were a young college grad, I would go to law school and after graduation, specialize in organizing all of the nurses in this country. This kind of bs and the low wage bs would end.
  2. by   Spritenurse1210
    Quote from blue note
    Nurse sues Memorial, claims surgeon threw human tissue at her
    Source: Colorado Springs Gazette
    I wonder why she isn't suing the doctor as well!
    She can get more money from the hospital. They are partially at fault, for not discliplining this guy for borish behavior. what if the person had AIDS and she had a cut on her leg? I say take 'em both down!
  3. by   Agrippa
    The doctors are considered agents of the hospital, especially if the hospital didn't take any actions to discipline the doctor. If she went after the doc, she would get less money than from a hospital. The hospital is also responsible in a way since the situation was not addressed.
  4. by   sarakimm
    She is right to sue the hospital. The doctor...well what can be said about someone who displays this type of behavior? We've all seen it so many times. I believe the term is arrested development. But for the rest of the room to participate by chuckling and not taking a stand against it, and for the institution to actually condone it by punishing the nurse shows an entrenched system of discrimination. And we all know that the only thing hospitals understand is money, honey. Hit 'em where it hurts!
  5. by   la mama 310
    Mahan hmmm... well the name says it all. Some men are preconditioned to treat
    females with disrespect. Some people do not have respect for nurses or think
    that because they are surgeons, this is a nurse, that she deserves or should be
    able to take treatment like this from doctors. If he is not American, I can ASSURE you that customs are very different in other countries and in the U.S.
    nurses are paid well, and respected, and skillfull. In other places nurses are
    probably less trained than our American CNAs. Some people have a hard time
    respecting nurses in other countries, as pathetic as that is. He should have his
    license suspened for a while at least.
  6. by   casper1
    The Nurse should have told the Doctor that she was planning on informing the patients family obout his unprofessional behavior in the OR. I agree the Doctor has a loose screw. I hope she is successful with her suit.
  7. by   casper1
    Nursing insructers would be well advised to ask the OR Nursing staff which doctors are better suited to work with Nursing Students. I remember my first Or rotation as a student. The Vascular Surgeon was wonderful, he took the time to show me the x-ray, explained just what the surgury involved, and allowed me to stand next to the operating table, (not in the back of the room ) so I could get a true pictire of the procedure. I graduated 20 years ago and I've worked with this Doctor on the vascular floor he is as nice to the Staff on the floor as he is to the Staff in the OR. The Nurses love him, we hope he never retires.
  8. by   4given24
    respondeat superior
  9. by   Ruby Vee
    Quote from vito andolini
    i wondered, too. if this is true, the doc and hospital should be culpable. if not, well, i guess she should be punished.

    i wonder if the doc was mentally "right" when he did this goofy stuff, if he did it. did she encourage such "playfulness"? has doc ever done this to anyone else? so many questions.
    you're out of line, vito. this is abusive, not "goofy stuff". nor is it "playfulness."