Nurse Plays 'Secret Santa' to Wildfire Victims

  1. Today on a special holiday episode of Emmy Award-winning daytime talk show The Doctors:

    Payton Walton is a critical care nurse in Santa Rosa, CA, an area devastated by recent wildfires. During the fires, her hospital was the only one in the area that was able to stay open, and the doctors, nurses and hospital staff chose to stay and help their patients while their homes burned. About 240 of those staffers lost their homes.

    In the aftermath of the destruction, Payton used the neighborhood social media networking site Nextdoor, and started matching volunteers fomr the community of Marin where Payton lives with families who had lost everything in Santa Rosa. She and her amazing team of nurse coordinators worked to get these families everything from school supplies and toys to childcare or a place to stay. The outpouring of support has been overwhelming. So far, this "Wildfire Secret Santa" has recruited over 1700 individuals and families who have ‘adopted' 139 families.

    5700 families lost their homes in the fires and Payton and her team are committed to keep working until all are matched with volunteers.

    One of the families who lost everything is the Donavan family.
    "More than the material things that are a huge blessing... just to know that people who did not even know we existed are taking time out of their lives and coordinating such amazing efforts with some amazing human beings to take care of things we can't even begin to think of that we are going to need, it's overwhelming. It's a blessing that is undescribable," the Donovans told Payton and her family.
    Watch a clip from the show here.

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  3. by   spotangel
    Wow! God bless her and all the others that are helping her! Feeling blessed to be a nurse!
  4. by   ruby_jane
    My Grinchy heart grew three sizes plus two reading this. Thank you for sharing!!!