Nurse midwives resign in dispute

  1. Three of four nurse midwives at a Pineville doctors' office are leaving, sources say, after demands from the group's owner to be more productive.
    The midwives are leaving because management wants to cut back from four to three midwives while keeping the same number of patients or more, said Marsha Kelly, a nurse midwife who retired from Pineville Gynecological & Obstetrical Associates. Kelly is in contact with her former colleagues.
    "This is a group of committed nurse midwives who are not willing to compromise their principles, especially their commitment to their patients," Kelly said. "It is definitely in response to a demand made on the group that was untenable."
    The practice's management said the midwives were not asked to make changes.
    The three midwives -- Jan Smith, Karen Helms and Julia James -- were told by Carolinas HealthCare System, which owns the practice, not to talk to the Observer.

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  3. by   HONEYBEAR
    Way to go.....these nurses are standing up not only themselves but also the safety of their patients.
  4. by   Jolie
    OMG! I worked with Marsha Kelly and Julia James back in the 1990's at Mercy South Hospital, before it became part of the Carolina's Medical Center network. The 4-5 midwives in the group did as many, if not more deliveries as any of the OB groups, and provided wonderful, family-centered care. There were patients who came from over an hour away to their practice. I urge those in the Charlotte area to back these fine practitioners!