Nurse meets man she saved on roadside

  1. Nurse and the man she saved reunite after '''incredible''' roadside rescue near Calgary | CBC News

    Here's an inspirational story from Canada! Click on link for full story.

    She came across a man unconscious in a ditch and didn't think he'd survive.

    Larissa Arthur and Mike Estepa were reunited in CBC Calgary's studio to tell their story. (Susan Holzman/CBC)
    When Larissa Arthur jumped out of her car to help a man she saw laying lifeless in a ditch just outside of Calgary, she drew from her training as a nurse to give the stranger chest compressions and CPR.

    It was late August, and she was driving back from a hike with her friend. They were just outside of Calgary near Springbank Road when she she spotted the man passed out in a ditch, with a bike nearby, wearing bright yellow spandex.

    "I just assumed he was hit by a car," she said.

    "I just checked his pulse and checked for breathing, and there was neither."...
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  3. by   Accolay
    Nice story. Having a patient return to visit is the best thanks we can get.