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A Dean Health System nurse was called out of surgery so a manager could tell her she was being laid off. Dean Health says the surgery was minor and the patient wasn't... Read More

  1. by   Happygolucky47
    The Exact thing happened to me, I was working in the OR,doing a local, and was suppose to be on call that nite, so about 9am another nurse came in to tell me that they had just laid a nurse off, We knew that we were going to be "cutting back" because the census had dropped, we had a new hospital just open, so business was down, Anyway while she was telling me this, My manager came in and told me that the Director of surgery wanted to see me,so i asked if I needed to take my coat and purse, and all she did was look at the floor!! But the nurse who had originally come in to tell me about the lay offs, took over my patient. I have to tell ya, I was shocked, and Pi--ed. They told me that my position had been terminated, Not me, but there was no place for me, (whatever) The surgeons all went to the director upset, but she had made her bed, the good thing was the new hospital in town, the Docs all know me, and told their director to FIND ME GET ME AND HIRE ME, which was awesome of them, but for various reasons that I won't go into, I declined that job, and am working in a different position at the same hospital I was terminated from in the OR, I know your asking WHAT???? but believe me they may have pushed me in a pile of s--t, but I've come out smelling like a rose!!, everything happens for a reason
  2. by   penguin2
    and ironically this manager will keep her job.................... TYPICAL!
  3. by   HonestRN
    It was on CNN (TV not website) today so it's getting a lot of publicity. Be interesting to see what happens now.....
  4. by   CaseManager1947
    Speaking of insensitive, uncaring, and unethical ways of letting an employee go, firing them, laying off, whatever the word du jour is for that... My previous boss didn't tell me himself (no guts, I guess). I got a call from my current boss, telling me that she had been told my position had been eliminated in the fall budget, and did I want to come work for her??? HUH!???
  5. by   Altra
    Quote from planeflyerrn
    "he declined to name the manager but described her as “an otherwise good employee with more than 30 years of nursing experience who made a regrettable decision.”

    “this person is very upset and is extremely remorseful over this,” pitas said, adding that the layoffs created “extraordinary circumstances.”

    " " ahem " "

    yeah.....riiiiight. this manager who has been the "good employee with more than 30 years of nsg experience" was probably told that if she didn't give x amount of staff the axe, it would be her tuckus on the line.

    she probably couldn't fire people fast enough!!
    remorse? please. remorse over a poorly thought out decision? or is it remorse over the fact that she now looks like the wicked witch of the west on national tv?
  6. by   altus bulldog
    This is so unbelievable. Sounds like Dean Medical is part of the HCA system. They have been laying off people in Kansas City right and left. I guess they aren't making enough of a profit, so laying off staff gives them more money for their CEO's to play with. I remember in 1984, 2 weeks before graduating from nursing school, being layed off. It still makes me angry. I had a loan from the hospital auxillary. All the Student nurses that had nursing loans through the auxillary were not re-hired upon graduation. If you did not have a loan, you were rehired. I found out I was involved in a lay off, by listening to the local news. No one from the hospital called to tell me. Their reason: "We didn't know how to reach you". Baloney. They sure could call me at school and ask me to work an extra shift, when they needed me, but couldn't 'find' me on a school day to ask me to come in. Then when I called the hospital after the news was all over town, I got the run around. No one would tell me if I was laid off. I waited another 2 hours before my nurse manager called me at home and told me that yes, I was indeed layed off.She told me they were going to re-train all of the employees that got laid off, and I could get Unemployment money. I said, 'really? In 2 weeks I graduate with my BSN. You are going to re-train me for another job in 2 weeks, and I can still get unemployment (it took a month to even get your first check back then)? You have got to be kidding', to which my manager replied, 'I guess not. I'm sorry'. I still hate that place, changed my doctor (who worked there and was great), and refuse to recommend the place to this day. They are jerks, and haven't proven themselves worthy of my referrals yet. Their CEO became the CEO of the hospital I found a job at after graduating, and when I saw him one night, he asked how I liked working at the (new) hospital, and I told him I liked it for the time being, but didn't like the fact that the 2 hospitals joined up. When he asked why, I told him, and he didn't have anything to say. Seems like the same that Dean is telling planet earth.:angryfire

    I wish ALL Hospitals were in the business of patient care, and not in the business of padding the CEO's wallet all the time. There are a few hospitals out there that are concerned for their patients and staff's well being, but they are few and far between. I though, do work for such a place now. They listen to their Employees, and are rated #1 for being the best place to work in the area. This place I highly recommend. I would not recommend a Dean Medical or HCA facility if this is how they treat their patients and staff. Potentially putting the nurse's license in jeopardy of being suspended. How horrifying. I hope the pt finds out and goes after the hospital. It would serve Dean right. (I am stating Dean, because it ultimately was their decision to lay off the nurse.)
  7. by   ®Nurse
    I'm sitting on the edge of my seat to hear the nurse's side of the story! I sure hope she gets interviewed.
  8. by   babiesRmylife
    Minor surgery or not they shouldn't have pulled her out of surgery that takes away from something major that could happen during a surgery or goodness knows what else.

    Nothing like patient care 1st!
  9. by   P_RN
    I too have seen this. One of my NMs was on a mission trip out of the country-on her own vacation time- and her goodbye was the director boxing up her office, removing the furniture to the basement cage, and locking her door. We went with out a NM for a couple of weeks and actually did fairly well. The new NM (no notice-from another city) came in and decided she only wanted to work 10 hr days m-th and they LET her.
  10. by   Katie91
    I'd be interested to know how JACHO and ACHA intend to investigate this incident. The bottom line is that the patient was put into grave danger.
  11. by   Chapis
    reading all this stuff and seeing all the things happening around in our country because of the economy is quiet freighting , and i thought that the medical field, especially nurising, was "safe" because there will always be sick people and etc. . . i'm in nursing school and don't know what to even think, scary stuff. . .
  12. by   Andrew, RN
    I just got sent home in the middle of caring for a patient in a PACU and I'm probably going to lose my job.
  13. by   TuTonka
    I can not tell you how deeply frighten I become when I hear of things like this. Do you know why? Because it would not br the firing manager in trouble with the would be the nurse who left. That is so appalling I can not put into words. When you are rushed off a floor in the middle of the shift...things are forgotten that can be potentually harmful for the pts., the nurse,and the facility. That is a no win situation, poor judgment, poor ethics and most assuredly a reason why there is a nurse shortage in this country.