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Today in the LaCrosse Tribune, November 15th, I read an article about several nurses in Sauk County Wisconsin who put together an actual "calender girl" calender, apparently to help raise money for a... Read More

  1. by   lyallch
    the calendar we were putting together had male nurses and wardsmen in those. if we were exploiting nurses, we were exploiting both male and female nurses and we even had a female doctor 'pose' for this calendar.
  2. by   psalm
    ...newbee123 said it well, and I will ad to it: Nurses are supposed to be professional. We are professional healthcare workers, not flesh peddlers. And yes, the body is beautiful, but we are supposed to share our body with our spouse, not the whole world (and of course, if breastfeeding, the baby). This is as God intended. far as a good cause, why not just give the $$? without getting a calendar or dinner or whatever?
  3. by   JohnBearPA
    hmmmm, I really need to put my two cents in again, or I'll explode. If you're offended about the commercials on tv exploiting women, newbee, let's talk about the coke commercial that ran a few years ago with a bunch of office women ogling the water guy with his shirt off. Also, in the real world, I've had CNA's and fellow nurses make comments concerning my rear-end amongst themselves that I still overheard. Also, personally I'm offended by the ads on TV for feminine hygiene products, but ya know what? If I don't like it, I don't watch. I also conduct myself professionally, and ignore suggestive comments like the adult I am. I agree women might be "put down" sometimes, but it works both ways my dear. I've been passed over for a very lucrative promotion I was MORE than qualified for by a DON who felt that men don't belong in nursing, so I do know what it feels like. Maybe we all need to be a bit less judgemental and militant in our reactions here, and focus on the point that these nurses posed willingly, it was THEIR idea, and it's raising money for a good cause of THEIR choice. You can't please all of the people all of the time, and we're all entitled to our own opinions, so there's mine, in a nutshell. As far as I know, it's still a free country.

    That being said, may you all have a merry Christmas, and may the new year bring you everything you want and need! My best to you all!
  4. by   rclimbr
    There is a difference between morals and professionalism. If its against your personal or religious morals, then don't pose for or look at the calender. I have yet to find in any professional description where it says that you can't have fun and raise money for charity on your off time. Don't come to work naked and you are OK.
  5. by   ton
    Nice idea.

    i don't see any problem.
  6. by   PANurseRN1
    Quote from rclimbr
    Don't come to work naked and you are OK.
    Words to live by.
  7. by   Logos
    How about a calendar of the members of the Senate, or how about Bush posing naked, or "pretending" to be naked to raise money for some "good" cause. Would that be ok?
    Low class, unproffessional and I second Newbee123.

    (I think it's interesting that someone finds tampon commerical's offensive, I wonder how they feel about Victoris Secret's commericals, because those to me are more offensive than an ad for a pad.)
  8. by   JohnBearPA
    Quote from Logos
    How about a calendar of the members of the Senate, or how about Bush posing naked, or "pretending" to be naked to raise money for some "good" cause. Would that be ok?
    Low class, unproffessional and I second Newbee123.

    (I think it's interesting that someone finds tampon commerical's offensive, I wonder how they feel about Victoris Secret's commericals, because those to me are more offensive than an ad for a pad.)
    As a matter of fact, I do find VS commercials offensive at times, which is why, as I said before, I don't watch it if I don't like it. I'd suggest you do the same, if you don't like the calendar. For a full list of what I find offensive, since you expressed an interest, feel free to private message me.

    Maybe some of you "feminists" should look at both sides of the coin, and realize that everyone in the world doesn't share your morals, or beliefs, and stop trying to force your views on everyone else.

    By the way, as an "out" gay man, I've faced discrimination, and been forced to deal with some peoples narrow viewpoints. I've been put down not just because I happen to be gay, which doesn't necessarily figure in at work, since I'm a professional, but also because I'm a very capable MALE nurse in a female dominated profession.

    I just think, as I've said before, that these women had the free choice to do or not do the calendar, for a cause they believed in, and whether you like it or not, it was their choice, NOT YOURS! If you don't like it, do what I do and don't look at things you find offensive. DON'T BUY IT!

    Pull their licenses? Get real. Just because your moral views don't agree with theirs, don't judge them. Maybe some of you should look at what skeletons you have in your own closets, and get your nose out of other peoples.

    Again, I hope EVERYONE, whether they agree with me or not, had a great Christmas, and may you all have a Happy New Year!
  9. by   damarystx
    As a feminist, and someone who fights for equality between the sexes etc.etc.etc. I applaud them for what they have done, nothing about this calendar sounds like it is degrading, they were not manipulated into doing something against their will. They are women, who had enough confidence to pose in all their glory to raise money for a friend. How many women in this world struggle on a daily basis with body image? In the early 90's the day's of the actual supermodel the average size of a model was a 6 and today it is a size 0. That is something to be in an uproar about. That is an issue to be fighting over. The fact that runway models are dropping dead from starving themselves is something to be enraged over. If this calendar does mimic the movie kudos for them for putting themselves out there showing what real women look like. Are we offended by the Dove commercials. Commercials showing real women, without all of the airbrushed "perfection". I understand that there is an argument that nursing has such a poor image and that this type of behavior just perpetuates that, but nurses are still voted the most honest or trustworthy profession ( or something like that ) a title that has also been voted to firemen. So no the whole world does not see us as purely sexual beings giving naughty bed baths. (Only those in the pornography industry). People actually do have respect for our profession. I do think that we could have a lot more, that we could be portrayed more accurately in the media, that they could stop showing Dr's doing nurses jobs etc. But this calendar is not going to be the one thing that defines our profession. We as nurses doing our jobs to the best of our ability is what should be defining our profession, the lives saved, the children comforted, the fears relieved, the med errors caught, the patient teaching, the CARING those are things that define who we are. These women meant no harm, they were doing what the very foundation of nursing is based on....caring.....this time for a friend rather than a patient. When was the last time some of you went way out of your way to do something of that magnitude. Organizing and idea like that, setting up the photo shoot, having the guts to pose, and then actually distributing the calendar took a lot of time and effort. And the best thing that people can do is bombard these women with negativity and blame the sexualization of nurses on them???? I highly recommend that if you claim feminism as your defense of an attack on other women, that you visit a feminist bookstore and become familiar with some of the literature out there. As this type of behaviour is highly defeating to the cause of equality and womens rights. And to those who had trouble finding a fireman has a category just for them...none for nurses though....
    I recommend the book "Women's Inhumanity to Women" it explains why women have a history of being so evil towards each other!
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  10. by   CRIMSON
    Some people, you just can't drag out of the dark ages!! So are you allowed to leave the house without your man's permission too?

    I applaud these strong and compassionate women. Lord knows they couldn't afford to just give her the money......NOT on the current salaries made by most nurses!!

    It is the statement of truly caring friends. Saying I will stand by you and do anything in my power to help you. We should all hope for such devoted friends.....Rock on ladies!!
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  11. by   damarystx
    Quote from newbee123
    What is wrong with this entire issue is quite simple. We are all forgetting about the American problem that has existed for many many years. The exploitation of the female body. Women do not respect themselves enough to say "hey, enough is enough". I don't think that a woman should have to take her clothes off for any cause, much less a "good" one. This is the most ridiculous thing to argue about. When it comes down to it, we are all forgetting that even small things like this little bitty calendar doesn't just make nurses look bad, it makes ALL women look bad. Guess what mom's--your twelve year old son might be catching a peek of these nurses who are working for a "good" cause. What will that teach him about women? Will he respect women after veiwing this? I think not. We live in a society where it is exceptable to anyone to see a woman being exploited and treated like she is just a piece of meat. We live in a society where sexual predators are all around us, and calendars like this only give them more fuel for thier disgusting fire already raging. Come on ladies, get real. Yes, I think they should have thier licenses pulled. If only for being a complete disappointment to women pulling themselves out of this rut we have been stuck in for decades. We wonder why our children are being raped and kidnapped, but we send our small daughters out the door wearing outfits that not even a 25 year old should wear. Where DO we draw the line? These are our childrens role models, not woman working for a "good" cause. It's disgusting, and I agree that they should not represent nurses, or even decent women in general. Ya, grow up ladies. Grow up.
    The difference here is that these women did not "have" to do anything they chose to. I am willing to bet that anyones 12 year old son isn't going to think much of anything about these women after looking through the stash of Playboy or Hustler magazines that he has gone through at home or a friends house better yet how about the videos on mtv or the commercials, or any show at all for that matter, hopefully the viewing of one calendar or magazine will not change every little boy into to an adult with no respect for women, hopefully all of these 12 year old little boys have good strong parents to temper all of the worlds evils. I am also willing to bet that he isn't going to be disappointed in the firemen, or military displayed with their shirts off on calendars and hmmm....what about the MALE NURSES calendar???? the one produced to try to bring more men into the field of nursing! I also certainly hope that we are not turning to a blame the victim mentality, that it is a womans fault that she was attacked because of what she was wearing!!!!!! or that it is a child's fault or parents fault if a child is kidnapped and or raped based on a clothing choice!?!?!?!?! ( better let the Catholic Schools know that because those little school girl outfits they make the little girls wear feed into many a sexual fantasy ) and what about the little boys who are kidnapped and or raped? I guess they or their parents are not at fault because little boys rarely go out in anything that would be found sexually appealling....I am more fearful of people with antiquated attitudes about sexual assault than about a little calendar.
  12. by   tvccrn
    The calendar was titled, "REAL Nurses 2007" If you want to make sure that nurses aren't portrayed in a negative light then you need to make sure that nurses are never seen:

    Eating unhealthy food
    Not wearing their seatbelt

    I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture.

    These women are real people as well as real nurses. From what I read, the pictures were done tastefully and not all of the were partially nude.

    I think it was a great gesture and if someone I knew were ever in need, I wouldn't hesitate twice to help set something like this up. I wouldn't participate as seeing me in less than full-clothed would put someone into cardiac arrest and I don't think that would be the purpose of such a calendar.

  13. by   para82frame
    I had bumper sticker on my car that said "your a feminist, how cute" a week later someone fire bombed my car (some people can not take a joke). but back on topic it is a free contry no one put a gun to there heads, they did it on there own free will. If you don't like it don't buy it.