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Today in the LaCrosse Tribune, November 15th, I read an article about several nurses in Sauk County Wisconsin who put together an actual "calender girl" calender, apparently to help raise money for a... Read More

  1. by   poco424
    My Dear,
    You must have come out of the University of Wisconsin - Madison Nursing Program. Those are the only people I know that get offended by such trivial things. Lighten up and have a little fun in life. There are enough serious things to worry about without having to manufacture them.
  2. by   jenna_rn
    Quote from JVanRN
    Goodness who peed in your cornflakes this morning? Don't you have bigger things to get enraged about? Pull thier licenses?! Are you for real?
    I agree with you. As if there isn't enough problems with the nursing profession.... pull their liscences... these are most likely the nurses who actully CARE about their patents and not just their to collect a paycheck.Kudo's to them for trying to make a difference.
  3. by   CyndieRN2007
    I did not read all the many pages of debate in this thread, just want to add my .
    IMHO, I've looked at firefighter calenders and never took a second thought about it. If those nurses want to strut their stuff to raise money for a good cause, let them do it!! We are intelligent, educated individuals yes, but does that mean we can't be express our sensuality? Are nurses prudes? Absolutely not!

    I agree with a previous post about Doctors auctioning themselves off for dates, firefighter and policeofficer calenders, same thing. None of you ladies has looked at any of these calenders? Did you lose respect for the policeman or firefighter? Or would you say, Man, if Im ever in a fire, I hope HE saves me!! LOL.

    I'm not offended by the calender, I'd buy one!
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  4. by   kitty=^..^=cat
    Quote from kukukajoo
    it is not a nurse thing with the attraction- it is a UNIFORM thing. Not that this calendar mentioned had any nurses wearing scrubs or traditional whites.

    Firefighters, firemen, cops, military, nurses, doctors, flight attendants, etc. I know there are a gazillion more I am forgetting.
    The UPS guy...:1luvu:
  5. by   twotrees2
    Quote from kitty=^..^=cat
    The UPS guy...:1luvu:
    navy whites - marine blues - yummmm LOLOL
  6. by   lyallch
    We had a similar fund raising effort - the poor girl who spent hours taking our artfully done calendar shots and it all got shot down because some people got offended. There goes our fundraising efforts, and we werent even really 'naked'. Sad that people would protest this sort of thing but does not blink an eyelid when violence is committed every day. Is there nothing better for them to do than to criticise some good fun while making some money for some charity? Sad world..
  7. by   Private Peds Nurse
    Goodness gracious ERNURSELAX get real!!! Pull their license???? Why don't you do something constructive and go take care of your patients! Just because these nurses did this, does NOT lessen their knowledge of nursing, does not take away from their patient care, nor does it reflect on other nurses.
  8. by   sadie_van
    I have to agree, mabye focus needs to be on the fact that nationally and globally there are millions without health care insurance, people are spending christmas alone this year without there sons/daughters. If we as a nation continue to focus on shallow misintent than will we as a society ever really see humanity for what it is? Should we desicrate miss amarica for being human?
    Happy holidays calander girls, I wish I had that kind of free spirit.
  9. by   newbee123
    Quote from mommy2g1b
    First of all, there is a HUGE difference between all out pornography and tastefully done art. They said it is done to resemble what the ladies in the movie Calendar Girls did....meaning that it's hints of nudity done tastefully. It's not like they are laying around legs spread like porn stars or something! They are trying to do something GOOD, which should be commended.

    What is wrong with this entire issue is quite simple. We are all forgetting about the American problem that has existed for many many years. The exploitation of the female body. Women do not respect themselves enough to say "hey, enough is enough". I don't think that a woman should have to take her clothes off for any cause, much less a "good" one. This is the most ridiculous thing to argue about. When it comes down to it, we are all forgetting that even small things like this little bitty calendar doesn't just make nurses look bad, it makes ALL women look bad. Guess what mom's--your twelve year old son might be catching a peek of these nurses who are working for a "good" cause. What will that teach him about women? Will he respect women after veiwing this? I think not. We live in a society where it is exceptable to anyone to see a woman being exploited and treated like she is just a piece of meat. We live in a society where sexual predators are all around us, and calendars like this only give them more fuel for thier disgusting fire already raging. Come on ladies, get real. Yes, I think they should have thier licenses pulled. If only for being a complete disappointment to women pulling themselves out of this rut we have been stuck in for decades. We wonder why our children are being raped and kidnapped, but we send our small daughters out the door wearing outfits that not even a 25 year old should wear. Where DO we draw the line? These are our childrens role models, not woman working for a "good" cause. It's disgusting, and I agree that they should not represent nurses, or even decent women in general. Ya, grow up ladies. Grow up.
  10. by   S.N. Visit
    This thread has gotten ridiculous I think.....If you don't like the calendar, don't look at it
  11. by   newbee123
    Ya, I guess you're right. By ignoring the fact that a problem with female exploitation exists, and by ignoring the fact that it is widely accepted as "normal" it should just all go away. Sure. The only thing that is ridiculous is that when a real woman had a say about the disgusting "naked body" industry, everybody thinks that she is judgmental and acting a fool. Have you ever thought that if we didn't just "allow" this sort of thing to happen that women could rise up and become the strong, independant creatures we have the ability to become? I don't know about you, but firemen calanders are few and far between. I went christmas shopping, I looked in a magazine, I turned on the television, and bam! I saw female exploitation staring me in the face at every turn. Women need to find a voice, not just turn thier backs and ignore it. Or dismiss it like it's no big deal. That's what we have been doing for years. Talk to former strippers and calendar models. They will be the first one's to tell you first hand how thier lives were destroyed. how they ended up wanting to commit suicide as they went to work and watched men leer at them with wedding rings on and kids pictures dangling from thier wallets. I don't like it, and no, I won't look at it. But I sure as all heck will find my voice and speak out when the time is right about how wrong and sad it all is. And that is exactly what it is. Like I said, it's not just about a calendar with nurses. It's just one more little drop in an ocean of filth and exploitation.
  12. by   Galvatron1
    I am so getting one...I'm always down for a good cause. What is that number again??? Happy 2007 everyone!!
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