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Today in the LaCrosse Tribune, November 15th, I read an article about several nurses in Sauk County Wisconsin who put together an actual "calender girl" calender, apparently to help raise money for a... Read More

  1. by   STICU
    Quote from azhiker96
    The calendars sound less racy than the cover of Cosmopolitan. So it's not pornographic and it's for a good cause. What basis would the state board use to pull licenses?
    I would be more concerned with the effect Andrea Yates had on nursing. Or consider the nurses protrayed in smut films. That is a better place to spend energy if there is a preceived problem.
    read: Andrea Yates, the Texas woman who drowned her 5 children -- The Crime Library - The Crime library

    Nursing was her occupation, it was not a causative factor of what she did. The woman apparently suffered from years of depression and from postpartum psychosis.
  2. by   twotrees2
    Quote from ERNURSELAX
    Today in the LaCrosse Tribune, November 15th, I read an article about several nurses in Sauk County Wisconsin who put together an actual "calender girl" calender, apparently to help raise money for a benefit. I read this and was immediately sick to my stomach! What a huge blow for the image of nursing! I don't know what else to say other than HOW SAD! It makes me want to cry. After all the work and all the time that has been put into improving the image of nursing. After we have come so far! I don't want to work in a "Profession" if these are my "colleages". Will the state of Wisconsin PLEASE pull their licenses!

    La Crosse Tribune - 6.0

    Wisconsin Nurses Bare It All For A Good Cause - News - | WISC

    well - i personally wouldnt do it ( dont have the body and noone would buy it LOL) but heythey are not fully nude ( cleverly covered LOL) and why not, the firefighters , policemen , etc do it, what harm is it. especially as far as take away their liccense - like i said i wouldnt do it - but its not like they are selling their bods for sex and they arent doing it for illegal gain - its for charity - and they are covering up be it with trees or arms - oh ad im in wisconsin so maybe cause i dont disagree with it my license sshould be pulled too -
  3. by   sweetiepie, rn
    I'm known to be on the more modest side, but I give BIG props ot those ladies. Im gonna let my colleagues read the news article and see what they think. By the way, I would do it and my husband would be proud! :-)
  4. by   pagcoritannurse06
    If it's for a good cause well congrats!How can i see the pictures thru the internet?
  5. by   Rick-Wood
    Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I'm an old fogey who spend most of his career in electronics, and became a nurse only after I was 'retired' due to 'technological advance.' I'm a male, just turned 57, and I have to say that what I've seen of the calendar in question is pretty tame. Then again, the topic is pretty well hashed over, isn't it?

    There are those who say, "if you wouldn't show up to work wearing that, then don't publish pictures like that." OK. That will save a lot of film around the beach party bonfires, the office parties, and birthdays. Forget the vacation pictures with the big Sombrero, the shot just after the water sprayed you at the amusement park, and definitely weed out the wedding picture where the bride and groom have 'mooshed' each other's faces in cake.

    While I'd have to think about whether I would participate in a calendar like that, I certainly feel that people have a right to express themselves for a charity, or not, as they choose.

    Who is hurt by this calendar? I suppose the usual prissies who never get a second look might be. But what about the guy who looks at the sample September page, and says to himself, "Self, that is one chubby fat broad, dude... what does it say over here? Hmmm... maybe that soreness I have in those dangly bits we can't discuss in decent society is worse that I thought? " Something like this calendar could actually save lives. What a concept!! Reel in the male population and give 'em something that can improve their health and maybe save their lives!! And do it without showing <gulp!> nipples or <gasp!> pubic hair. (like we don't, male and female, have those, sheesh.)

    But that's just not right, is it? I mean, nursing is such a high and noble profession that we can't possibly think about ever using our existant or non-existant sex appeal to convey a life-promoting and health-promoting message. That would really be unprofessional, wouldn't it? And when we call the paramedics, some of which are <gasp!> registered nurses, we will make sure that while Dad or Uncle Maynard is having a heart attack that none of those vile strumpets have a hand in starting IV lines, setting up the de-fib, and drawing up the epinephrine, lidocaine, digoxin, diltiazem, and amiodarone. If the nurse has ever had a bikini picture taken and her breast size is noticeable, then she is disqualified, right? Get a new one!! Damn the Golden Hour concept!! Damn the knowledge that brain death occurs within 6 minutes, sans oxygen!!. Morality must be served!!

    I read earlier the discussion on "Growing up". I think we as a society might be well advised to grow up. The human mammary gland is a specialized suderiferous and sebaceous gland. That means its a sweat and oil gland. Hardly romantic, is it? Genitals come in two basic forms, and about 50% of the population have one or the other set. The forbidden aspect is what makes it so erotic, isn't it? We don't get to satisfy our curiosity because our mommies, daddies, and teachers played a lot of "whack-a-pee-pee" on us because we were curious about our own and and about the opposite sexed kid next door. Sheesh. Do we ever grow up? I kinda think we don't. Maybe it's best that way. Sometimes society wants us to think all alike. "made out of ticky tack and thinking all the same."

    "Verily, I say unto you, let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

    Then again, I'm "just an LVN (Least Valuable Nurse)." What the hell would I know about this stuff?
  6. by   neversatisfied
    I just want to know where I can get one of these calenders!
  7. by   Rick-Wood
    Quote from neversatisfied
    I just want to know where I can get one of these calenders!
    Me too.
  8. by   goats'r'us
    i'd be upset and think it was a step back for nurses if they were posing in skimpy little 'adult' nurse outfits, but there's nothing sexy about this type of calendar. it's in good fun and for a good cause.
    it is NOT a step backwards for nursing, and it is NOT a reason to pull their licenses.
    they're doing what they can for their friend, and i'm glad this nurse has friends like that!
    (back where i grew up we had some older ladies (50-ish to over 80) do the same thing to raise money for new curtains for the community hall.)
  9. by   luvlilbit119
    I agree with the above statement-- They did it for a good cause, in good class, not a porn calendar- Why would you think it damages the image of nurses? And even more extreme -- ALL NURSES?? I don't think so.
  10. by   CHATSDALE
    i am a po'folk , i buy a calendar in dollar store, i can tell the date just as well on $1 calendar as on a $15

    but i think that everyone calling the op a prude and prissy is way out of line
    if you don't agree i think that you can express your self better than that
  11. by   EasyBakeWomen

    haha, who cares. Sounds like fun for a good cause.

  12. by   bethin
    I see sexier calanders walking through the mall or at the bookstore.

    Firefighters, policemen, doctors on auction, I've even seen a Navy SEAL calander - yes, the super secretive government paid military Navy SEAL's in a calander.

    I looked at one of the pics and laughed. It's meant as a joke not as a hope to end up in Playboy's Nursing Edition. And you wouldn't even know they were nurses if it wasn't for the title.
  13. by   rclimbr
    What is wrong with some "mature" women showing off and feeling sexy. Instead of berating these women and calling them names, I think we should all support their cause. If they had done a calender fully dressed in their scrubs, would it have received all this attention? Would they have sold/raised the money? Personally I think they did a great thing.