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Today in the LaCrosse Tribune, November 15th, I read an article about several nurses in Sauk County Wisconsin who put together an actual "calender girl" calender, apparently to help raise money for a... Read More

  1. by   vamedic4
    Quote from nursebearfeet
    wow. i'm a little insulted. i put myself through college modeling swimsuits and lingerie. so are you saying that only dowdy old people make good nurses, because obviously the pretty ones are stupid. or maybe that i couldnt be a good nurse because my scantily clad body was once in print? hmmmm, i think you need to dig a little deeper. a charity calendar as your nickers in a twist. there are so many bigger issues to fight, this just isn't one.

    i'm really sorry you're so offended, and i cant understand.
    exactly...good for you nursebearfeet...and i'm with you, i can't understand either.
  2. by   hst01
    <P>i think the image of nursing shouldnt be so old fashioned.. we live in a new age where women are smart sophisticated independent AND sexy.theres nothing wrong with that. the image of nursing has probably been boosted thanks to those women actually.. sex sells (sadly)!&nbsp;&nbsp;</P>
  3. by   buddiage
    Hmmm..mixed opinion for me.

    On one hand, doing a calander for a benefit....good.

    On the other hand, one more uphill battle to fight the stereotype "mindless nursing bimbo."

    We indeed do have freedom of speech...
    but just because something can be spoken, doesn't mean it should be said.
  4. by   KelRN24
    Isn't nursing about compassion and healing? If this helps a fellow nurse heal and memorialize her sons then Bravo! How horrible for a mother to lose not one, but two children. It sounds like it was very tastefully done.

    Lest us not forget why we do what we do, nor cast the first stone.
  5. by   bugalug_nurse
    Three words - GET OVER IT! I absolutely applaud these nurses for having the guts and sense of humour to do a calender for charity! What a great idea - where can I get one, lol!
  6. by   NurseMashy
    :melody: dance to the your own rhythm baby who cares what they say.

    calander girl nurses for a good cause rocks!!!

    i would love to be there with you girls!

    :imbar some people are prudes and just can't handle it.

    geez, i'm sure it's done very tastefully and advertising that it benefits a very good cause.

    i commend thee!!!
  7. by   cowboyRN
    So.....where do you get the calender?
  8. by   annie4747
    We, see naked bodies everyday, so what is the big deal?
    why not focus on better pay and reasonable working hours for nurses, and better benefits; so we won,t end up in poverty after retirement.
  9. by   mystcnurse
    Quote from jackie53
    ...I would like to see the calendar also, to see how much skin is shown and/or if it is seductive. Because it MAY cause some pts. to feel uncomfortable and others it MAY give them a green light (in their minds) to give out verbal or physical sexual taunts.

    ...there's an old saying "It is never right to do wrong to do right". If you wouldn't show up at work that way, you shouldn't sell photos that way.

    WOW - I highly doubt that these ladies are going to have ANY problems with "sexual taunts" as they are obviously quite strong and empowered women. Usually, from my experience, women who have issues with these kinds of things are women who do not feel that same empowerment. Nurses should not be slaves to their patients, particularly when NOT AT WORK - the perfect, plain faced servant that used to be nurses is out - and now, nurses should and must really be WHOEVER they are.... and empowered. Please support your sisters in their endeavors. And, by the way, these types of calendars do not feature outright nudity. They are very tasteful. The human body is something to be glorified, not distained. If you are doing something good for others, not against your will, and it makes you feel good and doesn't hurt anyone then - Hey, WAY TO GO SISTA! is my philosophy.
  10. by   honeyz
    HEY Happy Thanksgiving to all you guys. Sorry if any one has to work. I do too.
  11. by   Pilotboy
    If you do something others disapprove of, would it be ok if your license was pulled by the state? Also, don't you support a woman's right to do what she wants with her own body?
  12. by   KelRN24
    I agree. What we do in our OFF time is our right. This has no reflection of their aibility to be a nurse. I can only hope that if I faced similar hardship, I would have friends that rallied and did something so courageous, especially at that age. Again, Bravo!
  13. by   grammyr
    Quote from cowboyRN
    So.....where do you get the calender?

    I want one too. I only wish I had the guts because I certainly don't have the body for it.

    There are many issues that are far more important for us to be discussing besides what some women who happen to be nurses are doing. The picture I saw was tastefully done and if she were in my neck of the woods a lot of the calenders would sell, not because of her, but because of the 4-wheeler. I am in deer huntin country