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Nurse 'shouted at elderly woman and stripped her naked in full view of other patients because she'd wet herself' Source: Daily Mail... Read More

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    i got into nursing because i am a kind and compassionate person. this story has given me the chills and i feel like crying. how can anyone be so mean???? even if she says she didn't do the other things, the fact that she didn't even pull the curtain and admitted to it shows she has no regard for dignity of the patient..anyway..i am just sad ...
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    I can't believe your story is something happening right now in 2009. I'm so sorry for you.
    At the end you mentioned that you could not contact the Health Department. I wondered why you did not try other methods of reaching them beside calling, such as come in person.
    Best of wishes
  4. by   Cyndi_1985
    The Health Dept in my State is 350 miles from me. I don't know if you read my whole story,, I live in a very small town, that is why I don't drive there,, IDK if you would know what this means but it is very hillbillyish here.They don't have a field office anywhere near where I live, it is in Indianapolis, I live very far from there. The Nursing Board in Indy gave me the number,,and said it is the only one there is to call and report this to in this State. Also, I have spent countless hours on this besides looking for a job,believe me if it was a 5 mile drive, I would have drove there, and sat in their offfice until someone heard my story,, and that is another thing here,, it may sound a little off, but I suppose you would have to live here to know. They don't like to hire either unless your from here, which I am not. I moved here from New York,, now??? People will ask me why not move back to new York? I could, but my girls are ready to graduate, one in 2 years one this year.They don't want to pick up and move, they are Teens, they don't understand. They will someday when they get out in the REAL world, but they don't now.Next is writing to the congressman,, well guess what? He is from the town I live in,, so do you think he will do something or cover it up, and sweep it under the rug as well??? I would say, sweep it under the rug. Heaven behold if an outsider,, which they consider me as, because I wasn't born and raised here,, if I ever tried to cause any chaos in this town,,, with one of their little facilities in this town. Ask yourself?? Why do you think they would cover abuse up anyway? answer??? They don't want the publicity.They probably knew the CNA's were going to give me trouble, infact I know they did, and they were probably afraid I was going to call The health Dept.Now, being fired and calling them ,,, they will cover that one up too, because they will just say I was a disgruntled employee. Does that all answer your questions, I posted in my post I have been on the phone countless of hours, drove 50 miles to see an Attorney ,, I really think I am beaten on this one, and they knew that or they would have never fired me. It doesn't matter anymore, I have done everything possible to have this rectified,, I am no stupid woman. I have been a Nurse since 1985. Seen it all!
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    Slightly OT ... Cyndi, your posts are very hard to read through ... paragraph breaks are your friend.

    Those of us with old eyes have a very hard time with long unbroken blocks of single-spaced text.
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    Even if the nurse didn't do anything besides not pulling the curtains, she should realize that is still not ok. I'm sure she wouldn't be comfortable being in a room full of people naked. Especially after wetting herself.
  7. by   DolceVita
    To the OP -- it is a bit hard to read your posts without paragraphs.

    So why wouldn't you have reported this, yourself, to the authorities? They may be far away but how about a letter?

    I think it is a dreadful situation to find yourself in but your should have reported it to the authorities...don't you think?
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    Quote from fireball2424
    Even if the nurse didn't do anything besides not pulling the curtains, she should realize that is still not ok. I'm sure she wouldn't be comfortable being in a room full of people naked. Especially after wetting herself.
    Agreed! Public humiliation on its own is awful.

    I volunteered in on a geriatric ward in London for a while and had to stop. It was too distressing what went on there. Of course, I DO NOT mean to bash the UK or UK nurses in general (half my family there are nurses). Just my observation.
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    Quote from TemperanceRN
    And that just goes to show you that she did exactly what she was accused of. If I had done nothing wrong, I would share my side of the story with my accusers and let them think what they want. As long as I had my say it wouldn't matter any more what they chose to think. This woman put herself and her license to shame and now its been taken away.

    It does not go to show that she was guilty. She has probably told her side several times already in the past 2 years, to no avail. She probably figured she was up against a losing battle and she might have been advised by her attorney to just not try any more.

    As for it not mattering what others think as long as we get to have our say, I must say I think it matters very, very much. Others have the power to do a great deal of harm to individuals of whom they disapprove.

    I agree that this nurse needs to find other work. But I do not agree that her silence is unquestionable evidence or proof of guilt. Let us hope that we have heard the last of tales like this - nurses losing patience and being abusive toward those in their care.
  10. by   Vito Andolini
    Quote from cyndi_1985
    well, this is what i have to say about this: in no way am i condoning this abuse,, but do have a real problem with the fact that as charge nurse on the floor of a facility, i actually had a cna verbally {if anyone has read my post to this} tear a patient down, screamed at her, humiliated her, had her uncontrollably crying, {and the cna in the room with this cna that was abusing this patient could not even calm her mouth down,so there was a witness to this beside myself} the abusive cna wouldn't stop until she physically threw the patient into bed, if you actually saw this happen, you could call the police. extreme, i know. and it would open a huge can of worms, so be prepared.

    and left her lying there crying. i was passing meds in the hall {4 doors down} and heard it all. i immediately called the nurse working upstairs, explained to her what happened , and she said we had to call the adon @ home,and report the abuse, or my and her license would be on the line. heck with that! i called the adon at home,, oh yes she told me to send the cna home, she was suspended "with" pay for 3 days, let back to work at the facility, and the first night she came back, was once again was put to work under me as the nurse in charge,that night she left an incontinent patient in the hall in a lounge chair "all night" soaken wet, {never checked him or turned and repositoned him q 2hours}after me repeatedly asking her to please put this man to bed, she told me "no" he is sleeping and i am not getting him up,,{ i would have put him to been myself, but he was a very large 2 assist man who had just come back from the pysh ward and was very combative} she shut all the hall lights off on me while i was passing my 8pm med pass,left me in a dark hall, and ran outside laughing,, she had and a cna {that was her best friend} from the second floor coming down to our floor and they were running outside smoking all night {without my permission} just walked out without telling me, leaving me on the floor to take care of patients, pass meds, do tube feedings,paper work, calling the hospital because i had a patient running a high temp with a left lobe infiltrate, and at one point in the night while i was in the patients room who had just been diagnosed with pnuemonia taking his vitals, puls-ox, giving him cool baths to bring his temp down, checking his 02 tank,etc,, {the cna from upstairs, and the cna i had just reported for abuse came in the man's room whom i was taking care of with pnuemonia {they knew i was in there} they both walked over to his room mates bed {who by the way had mrsa in a wound, and his urine} the cna from upstairs who had no business on my floor,, jumped up on the top of the the man's bed with the mrsa and told him she would repostion him that way.what an idiot! this is all abuse!!!! #1, i know they were doing all this to get to me because they knew nothing had been done when i reported the first abuse case{ as in "we will show you who is the boss , we can do anything and they don't do a thing to us"} #2,i knew i had to focus on my care as a nurse, and also knew it obviously was not going to do any good to call the adon again,} i dreaded my next day back at work, but decided, well, maybe just maybe i should go in to work early {we worked the 6p-6a shift, so we never saw the adon or the dona as they had already left when we came into work} well, the next day i was scheduled to work{ surprise} the dona called me @ home and asked me if i could come to in @ 1pm to talk to her, i said "as a matter of fact i was going to come in early anyway to see you today", she asked me why, so i explained to her what i went through the last day i had worked, and her response was "well you will be able to tell your side of the story when you come in" when i arrived to work @ 1pm ,, the adon and the don asked me to come in a conference room, when i sat down they told me i was not working out there and they were letting me go. i asked them why, and they said "it has been reported to us you don't pass your 8pm meds until midnight, and we can't have that" i immediately was so dumb founded i said " where did you hear that,, that is not true" they said "never mind where we heard it, hand over your badge and keys, and do not ever come on these premises again" so,, i called the state board of nursing, and they told me they could not believe what was happening, and that i needed to call the health dept, and obtain an attorney. well,, i can never get anything but automated voices when i call the health dept., i obtained legal advice for being terminated unjustified,, and the attorney siad i had no proof they were terminating me for turning this cna in for abuse, and that they kept her,and fired me instead, and i also had no proof showing my meds were not given at 8pm, and not 12 midnight, as they accused me of. he said what he could do for me was for $500.00 make then turn my record around that i quit there, and was not terminated, and that was all.{where would i get $500.00 with no job} well, i have not felt i could use them for a reference, i had been out of nursing for a few years prior to this job to stay home and raise my girls,,but didn't forget a one of my nursing skills,,as a matter of fact the place that fired me only oriented me for 4 days, and let me on the loose,,,, so now every interview i have been on they tell me they can't hire a nurse that has been out of the work force for that long, i can not find a job anywhere, i am going through a divorce, i was terminated for turning in abuse, and i am being cut down for staying home a few years to raise my children, the attorney said by law i have to use them for a reference because when it asks where you were last employed you can not lie, per the bottom of the application says if you have not told the truth you can be fined. well, i quit nursing, i was a nurse for over 15 years with steady good employment in the state of new york,, never was fired from a job, never was dis- respected, i worked in hospitals {the va} included,{there is no va hospital where i live, only 150 miles away so going bck there is not an option}}i worked @ nursing homes, for a surgeon, i am a certified crisis counselor, i also obtain a certification for working on vents,and i have been treated like an animal in the state i had to move to from new york since i decided i was going to return back to nursing. it is southern indiana,, i was even told "you don't mess with cna's here because they will hurt you in every way they can" so as far as being a nurse here i don't see that happening,,{my girls won't move because they are in high school now and soon to graduate} even home care places i have called have said "you need at least 1 year recent experience" oh sure, i could tell them the trouble i had , and that i was fired because i turned in a cna that abused a patient,, but how really is anyone going to look at that? they are going to question why i was the one fired, must be i was the bad nurse etc,,the whistle-blower, i was suppose to turn my head? the hell with nursing,, #1. you can't take some time off and raise your children, then re -enter the work force? #2. you are suppose to be a charge nurse and let your cna's abuse patients, walk all over you, and be "your" boss?" you are suppose to work for a facility that condones abuse??? i don't think so. i don't even know the next step to take, i am depressed, i cry all the time, i don't know how i am going to support my girls, i look like and feel like a failure, nursing stinks, and i would never suggest anyone to become a nurse, they don't want to give a nurse a chance to come back into their profession? oh, and no there is no where here that offers refresher course so i could say "oh yes, i stayed home a few years to raise my kids, but i did take a refresher course"also the welfare sysytem here stinks, so forget that! i am glad they are reprimanding the nurse who abused the patient, she doesn't deserve to take care of anyone,, but i wonder why a don and a adon, can condone abuse,, and still keep their license????????? i have traveled in the last 3 weeks looking for jobs wasting gas with money i don't have,, 50 miles from my home,looking for jobs, and seeing an attorney, i have made phone calls to no end, and i keep hitting brick walls. seems it all wants to be shoved under the rug. also i will add i live in a very small town where everyone has lived here all their life, and there are no other facilities around to work at, unless you drive {as i said at least 50 miles} also,, one biggy!!!!! the place that fired me,, how could i have forgot to mention this???? they were investigated 2 years ago from not firing a cna that took a patient in the shower, stripped him down nude, and took pics of him from his cell phone and circulated them all over. he was not fired either until someone from the outside of the facility found out,, and called the health dept, and they were investigated. gee, i wonder how this person even got through to the health dept?: i have tried at least 3 x a day for 2 weeks to call them, and report this, and as i said keep getting automated messages,, and after pressing 5 buttons the automated message says "if you know of an abuse case leave your name and number and we will return your call" but they say you can remain anonymous???? okay! nursing sucks! i wasted 25 yaers of my life for this? graduated with a 4.0 paid for nursing school,, no free funding,,, i should have been a cleaning lady,!:angryfire i really don't want this to sound as though i am angry,,, i am hurt, and i do not know where to go from here!!!!!! maybe wal-mart!
    first, get yourself over to the health dept in person. waste no more time on the phone.
    next, if you need a refresher course, get it, no matter what it takes. your dtrs need to learn the economic facts of life. yes, i know you want them to have a good life and a happy school experience. survival comes first. you should bring them in on what you shared here so they know the truth. i think they are likely to say, mom, we will help you with this. we will sacrifice, we will be a team and we will get through this.
    next, find a different attorney. find one with some fight in her and who cares about you and is knowledgeable.
    after that, report this facility to the organizations that accredit them. jcaho, cms, whoever funds and accredits them, including someone in your state government.

    next, get some free counseling to help you learn how to interview, help you get a fresh, positive outlook. you should be able, in this time of high unemployment and lots of available help for those who are unemployed, to get free counseling, help with a resume, help in preparing mentally for interviews.

    you did right to report abuse but, unfortunatley, those in charge did not act properly. one thing in particular stands out and that is that they didn't believe you had passed your meds timely. you signed the mars, right? that should be enough. i think you should speak to the state board of rn licensure about those in charge who did nothing to correct those aides. something i have learned is that aides really do run most facilities and those in charge really do put on blinders and do not want to know what is being done incorrectly. you have to make peace with this in order to survive these places. not easy, i know.
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    Quote from CanuckStudent
    Disgusting. How can people do this? I would have slapped her silly, and I make no apologies....

    It is understandable yet very distressing how many responses here include the wish to do bodily harm.
  12. by   CanuckStudent
    Quote from Vito Andolini
    It is understandable yet very distressing how many responses here include the wish to do bodily harm.

    I can't help it. I'm a Type A. Eye for an eye...

    Seriously, I meant this figuratively and not literally. I do consider myself to have enough decorum, professionalism, and well, insight, to not deck a coworker, regardless of how I may feel. I'm sure others can relate...

    I do understand what you are saying however. It's the underlying tone of physical violence. To analyze that would require another thread, so I won't address that here.

    Bottom line is, and we can all agree, what this so-called 'nurse' did was atrocious and showed no respect for human dignity. And no, I do not condone *actually* slapping her. But she does deserve to lose her license and be punished.
  13. by   leslie :-D
    Quote from Vito Andolini
    It is understandable yet very distressing how many responses here include the wish to do bodily harm.

    can't help it, vito...
    but please, don't be distressed or take it so literally.