Number of Male Nurses Soars 5 Times [Korea]

  1. growing number of men are landing nursing jobs, an occupation traditionally dominated by women in Korea. According to the Korean Nurses Association (KNA) statistics, the number of male applicants for the National Examination for Registered Nurses increased five times from 58 in 2001 to 284 last year. Universities are also reflecting the trend _ male students at nursing schools have increased almost two-fold from 628 in 2001 to 1,195 in 2004.
    In the past, male nurses mainly worked in operating theaters, psychiatric wards and anesthesia departments, but now they are broadening their horizons to more varied fields.
    Experts note that the trend is indicative of the sluggish job market. The National Human Rights Commission of Korea asked the Armed Forces Nursing Academy to open its doors to male students _ at the moment the school does not admit men.
    The KNA foresees more men applying for nursing jobs, changing the stereotype that nursing jobs are traditionally only for women.

    Full Story: Number of Male Nurses Soars 5 Times [Korea Times,South Korea]
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