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while i understand that smoking is still legal in this country, and people have a right to smoke if they want to, i have to say that i love this policy. i really hate the smell of cigarette smoke on... Read More

  1. by   needshaldol
    No one is perfect. Even nurses are people who do not always do what they ought to.
  2. by   CapeCodMermaid
    Quote from mindlor
    Sorry but here it is, any nurse that smokes is a flagrant hypocrite.

    End of story
    So I suppose you don't eat red meat in excess or use salt,or skip the exercising or any of the other things we're supposed to do or not do to stay healthy??? Because if you do ( or don't do) even one of those things, then you, Mindlor, are the hypocrite.
  3. by   mindlor
    Few things are more powerful than a human mind's ability to rationalize.......
  4. by   VioletKaliLPN
    I have enjoyed reading this discussion, the witty remarks, and interesting points of view.

    Here are my to add to the mix. I am a Nurse, but I am also an asthmatic. I am dependent on inhaled steriods to maintain the patency of my airway, and have been since the age of 5. Certain smells on people's clothing will send me into an immediate attack, even though I use Symbicort bid. These attacks are not as bad as they once were, but it still sucks to feel as if the wind was knocked out of you. Perfume, cigg smoke, even something like the smell of cooked bacon, causes me to have difficulty breathing.

    Someone who is a cook cannot help it, and out in public I must expect that perfume, cigg smoke, a whole variety of smells, await me. In a HOSPITAL, however, *I* as a patient would expect an environment that would be lacking of specifically offensive smells, like cigg smoke, perfumes, and heavy toiletries.

    Keeping a hospital free from certain smells is in my opinion something to strive for, something to welcome, not something to become irate about.
  5. by   needshaldol
    Violet, good point. The problem is smokers will smoke in the car (esp in colder climates) and then walk into the hospital stinking (sorry folks but it does stink) of smoke. I worked in a clinic for years and we finally got signs up for "no perfume". There is a certain perfume that gives me a bad headache and it also gives another nurse at work asthma. The problem is: people who smoke or wear heavy perfume do NOT smell it. But why don't they believe it???
  6. by   PMFB-RN
    Quote from VioletKaliLPN
    In a HOSPITAL, however, *I* as a patient would expect an environment that would be lacking of specifically offensive smells,
    *** LOL! The hospital is where I smell the MOST offensive smells. Gas gangreen, c-diff, putrid wounds, GI bleed and a ton of other things are the most offensive smells encountered.
  7. by   needshaldol
    The grossest is when I go into the dirty room and lift the lid to put in a can of gastric juice or blood products. I have learned now to close my nose. Who would ever think this job is so smelly?
  8. by   2bTraumaRN2008
    My place of employment is "smoke-free", but they can not dictate what we do on our UNPAID time for lunch, therefore; we are allowed to clock out and leave the property to do whatever it is we want...this is a labor LAW and no employer has the right to dictate what you can or cannot due on your unpaid time....So, I continue to clock out and SMOKE my brains out.

    No for those of you who "choose" not to take your lunch/breaks and leave the floor, that's you own dang problem. Even our nurses who don't smoke hand off their pagers and go to lunch free from pages, phone calls, interruptions, etc....
  9. by   needshaldol
    Our place is smoke free also. I don't care what any person does on their time off the clock. Let them smoke but in an airy place and then they need some mints. Not every smoker has to smell like smoke. What about perfume, hairspray, lotion? I have smelled terrible deodorant, terrible breath, and yes I keep my mouth shut. I am not the police.
  10. by   Trishrpn80
    The hospital i used to work at is Fragarence Free and Smoke Free... Patients, staff, visitors have to go off site to smoke... Also as a visitor or staff with a strong perfume etc will be asked to change or leave...

    Smoke smells just as horrible to me as strong perfume...i get migraines from both... Yet those nasty smells of gangrene don't do a thing.. hmmm interesting
  11. by   needshaldol
    Oh wow. I can't imagine how great it would be to work at a place where you can tell a visitor to leave due to perfume. Our place is the opposite. We are taught to treat everyone like kings and queens. Disgusting. I had a 30 yr old visitor once ask me to get her some water. Not a chance. I politely told her where the water fountain was. The best part? Her loved one was a"freebie", no insurance, etc. These people also ask for "guest trays". Disgusting again. I am "done" with being a slave or waitress to family. Unless they are old or ill, they are told nicely to take cre of their needs themselves.
  12. by   sduRN
    I always love this debate. I do not smoke but at the hospital I work at many nurses step off campus and smoke on their designated breaks. A hospital in the next town over recently implemented the pre-employment nicotine testing. I find it unbelievable how this kind of discrimination is allowed. It's fine to say no smoking allowed at work, great. However, no one should dictate legal activities one participates in outside of work. Of couse smoking is bad for your health, everyone knows that. So is eating fried food or having a sedentary lifestyle. And yes we are role models for our patients. A nurse cannot smoke but he or she can be obese? So then why not pre-employment BMI testing?
  13. by   needshaldol
    Lots of overweight nurses. Lots.