Nine years later, nurse's compassion still boundless

  1. Registered nurse Lisabeth List may have hesitated once, but nine years later, she has no doubts.

    "I'm a career aid worker now," she said.
    The 1986 Highland Park High School graduate is a volunteer relief worker with Doctors Without Borders, known internationally as Médicins Sans Frontières, or MSF. The not-for-profit group's volunteer doctors, nurses and logistical professionals provide care in public health emergencies in more than 80 countries, many of them the poorest and most conflict-ravaged in the world.
    The work has taken Ms. List, 38, to such disparate places as Darfur in Sudan, East Timor, Kosovo and Kashmir. The one thing all had in common was a humanitarian crisis.
    When Ms. List first contacted the organization, she was offered several successive mission opportunities, but she had some doubt that she was psychologically prepared for the challenge.

    She accepted her first mission in 1997 and went to Somalia, a nation with no functioning central government and racked by factional fighting.

    Full Story: Nine years later, nurse's compassion still boundless [Dallas Morning News,TX]
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