NHS lying over staff shortages?

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  3. by   Judee Smudee
    This is strange. Not to long ago I was reading something that said UK was stealing nurses from third world countries. Now this article says their own grads can't get jobs.
  4. by   Fonenurse
    I don't think that the NHS is telling lies about its staffing problems - there are shortages, but to see a bigger picture you also have to see the following statistics - the NHS has no money - and wages make up a large proportion of spend, so it doesn't take a genius to see why jobs are not being recruited to right now.

    My advice is to work in the areas where they do not have a financial deficit - you are more likely to get a job in those areas (if you can afford to shop around)



  5. by   plato353
    finally a post has been put up about the financial situation in the nhs.not all people would like to work in areas were trust are not in deficit.some have to pay back their student loans and offset the fact that the cost of living might be to high for them and they cant afford to live in those areas

    yep i have been poached from a developing country but my sights are set on moving towards the USA.i do on an adhoc basis donate funds to my old school of nursing although they dont need it.(goes towards IT facilities)
    there are to may managers and bean counters in the nhs and the all are trying to justify their respective position. in my opinion this goverment has got it wrong.nurses are part of the frontline service providers in any nations health.if you undercut funding towards that then you end up with a whole range of problems and slowly but surely we are suffering from that at the moment.

    i speak to many nurses having left the nhs and alot of young british nurses cant wait to finish and move to australia or new zealand.despite all the fancy titles the goverment come out with like extended powers in prescribing medicine to ER style physians assistants the writing is on the wall for me. where are the nursing resources going to come from,the funding for these projects and despite the fact that nurse want to move up the professional ladder(perfectly ligitimate) who is going to take care of these patients
    the NMC(nursing management council) has not publish for the last 18 months data on nurses registering on the role versus those exiting from the uk.it might make for some grim reading.[IMG]images/icons/icon10.gif[/IMG]
  6. by   dave777

    They are now cutting student nurses numbers :angryfire
  7. by   MTBanRN
    This would be part of why they may be lowering nursing salaries. This has been thrown around quite a bit yet it has not been confirmed. There have been some saying that there have been several reasons behind the fact that they may lower the salaries of new hires. They have not given any exact reason as to why they may decide to lower the salaries but it had something to do with the shortage. How would lowering salaries be beneficial to the companies.
  8. by   plato353
    how appaling but its not new.most overseas recruited nurses are placed on lower bands of pay.dont take my word for it look at the amount of philipino nurses working on low wages in london.
    the effect is two fold.
    -london has a high cost of living thus nurses are forced to work overtime
    -its cuts the cost of agency nursing( but they still work with unsafe staffing levels) and these nurses do not complain as it is not within their nature
    and you wonder why no new recruits can find jobs once they qualify. its a clever way of saying these guys are cheap labour and being screwed(apologies for the language)
    finaly i left the hospital service and very glad to the reason to keep my registration safe.
    the notion that a manager will cover a nurse intimes of trouble is a myth in the nhs. to me working in the nhs is like a scene out shakespeares Hamlet
    there is always going to be some who is going to stabb you in the back
    i guess being a nurse you always have to C Y A(cover your ass)
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