New York City's Peninsula Hospital Closes

  1. for dr. peter guiney, peninsula hospital was a lifelong commitment. but he never imagined his career would outlast the 104-year-old institution.
    guiney started as a resident in 1988, working his way up to director of the medical education program, teaching rookie doctors the ropes. he thought he was going to retire in the far rockaway hospital where he treated his first patient.
    "i would have spent my whole life there," guiney, 50, told the daily news on tuesday. "it's horrible to see something like that fall apart."
    now the place where he and his students honed their craft as physicians has been padlocked.
    after prolonged community opposition, an 11th-hour rescue last year and a chaotic final few months, peninsula hospital shuttered permanently monday.

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  3. by   GitanoRN
    needless to say, this saddens me to no end since more and more facilities are closing each year, i can only think about the future of the employees and their patients...god bless them.